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So after the death of Gwen Stacy in The Amazing Spider-Man 2, we are left wondering what's next for Peter. Now I won't dive into what the story should be like in TASM 3 until we get some some official details. But I will go in to detail on how I'd like to see Peter in the movie, as well as what villains, plot lines etc I'd like to see adapted. Also, I'm assuming that The Sinister Six will not appear in this movie as a whole, and that we'll see them fight Spidey in the spin off.

Peter Parker

Peter is obviously going to be different now that his first love is dead. Even though he donned his suit again at the end of the TASM 2, Peter has not fully come to terms with what's happened. I feel like we only got a glimpse at what Peter is going to be like for the foreseeable future towards the end of TASM 2, and that his return to his old self is only surface level. Peter in TASM 3 should be depressed. And I mean DEPRESSED. I want to see Peter dealing with overwhelming guilt. I want to see him blaming himself for Gwen's death. He should be having nightmares and hallucinations that keep him up all night. Most of all though, he needs to have immense anger built up inside that causes him to mistreat criminals and his loved ones.

The Symbiote

TASM 3 is the perfect oppurtunity to introduce the symbiote. For those, like, ten of you who don't know what the symbiote is, it's a symbiotic race of amorphous parasites that Peter first discovered during the Secret War. Peter initially thought it was a costume generator of sorts, and decided to bring it home. It gave him increased speed, strength, durability etc. But after realizing that the symbiote had a mind of it's own, and was starting to affect Peter in a negative way, he got rid of fit. That's the 616 Universe story, anyway. In the Ultimate Universe, the symbiote is the result of an experiment conducted by Richard Parker and Eddie Brock Sir to create a body suit that would cure cancer. This is probably the version their going with since, well, a lot of this franchise is based on the Ultimate Universe. That and Norman Osborn needed a cure, so it'd make sense for the symbiote to have been made for him. But that's a topic for another article.

Peter and Eddie discover the Symbiote
Peter and Eddie discover the Symbiote

Anyway, the Symbiote would be perfect for the third movie because I doubt Peter will be able to beat three villains all at once without some kind of assistance. That assistance being the symbiote. Not to mention the dark place Peter will be in after Gwen's death. The symbiote pretty much feeds on that kind of negative energy. After Peter defeats the Sinister Six, he'll come to terms with Gwen's death and get rid of the symbiote. This could lead to Eddie Brock Jr, who I'll get to next,introduced in TASM 3, to get a hold of the suit when he's at his lowest point. Thus, the Venom spin off film is set up and will be the next Spider-Man film after TASM 3.

Eddie Brock Jr

I'm pretty sure Eddie will be introduced in TASM 3 since the Venom spin off movie is going to come out before TASM 4. This is really the only way to do it right. Now in regards to which version of Eddie will be portrayed, I'm betting on the 616 version. This version of Eddie Brock was a journalist for the Daily Bugle. Basically, he was disgraced for accusing the wrong man of being a serial killer after Spidey caught the real one. Now we already now that this is the version Sony/Marc Webb is going with for two reasosn. The first being the fact that Eddie's been referenced two or three times via the Daily Bugle Tumblr page, and the second being Harry Osborn's role in TASM 2. In the Ultimate Universe, it was Eddie who was Peter's childhood friend, and Eddie Brock Sir who worked with Richard Parker. So I doubt they'll do the same exact story twice. If Sony does something among these lines, the Venom movie would be that much closer.

Mary Jane Watson

Now as we all know, MJ was originally set to appear in TASM 2, and was to be portrayed by the lovely Shailene Woodley. But, because Marc Webb wanted to put extra emphasis on Peter and Gwen's relationship, he role was cut from the movie. And while Marc's decision is completely justified and done rightfully so, it is kind of a shame. I was initially underwhelmed by the news of the casting choice hit the web. But the idea of Shailene in the role grew on me. Whether or not Shailene will/should return to the role is something I'd like to talk about, but not in this article.

MJ in TASM 3 is pretty much a given. But how much of her should we see in the movie? Should she be a love interest, or a new neighbor who befriends Peter? Well, Peter isn't going to be able to love again right off the bat. He needs to mourn Gwen for a lot longer than a few months, or else her death will be cheapened. I definitely think we should see MJ's famous line "Face it tiger. You just hit the jackpot" in the movie (perhaps after her aunt and Aunt May set the two up for a date to cheer Peter up?) But that doesn't necessarily have to be it, does it? I think seeing their friendship blossom in this movie would beneficial to the series. This way when they start a relationship in TASM 4 it won't feel rushed. So I'm all for seeing her throughout the movie as a supporting character of sorts.

Mary Jane's first appearence in TASM issue #42
Mary Jane's first appearence in TASM issue #42

Now in terms of personality, I want to see this MJ be a mix of The Spectacular Spider-Man animated series MJ (a non-committal, almost sassy broad) and the Ultimate MJ ( a compassionate and understanding young lady). MJ should be there for Peter, but not necessarily be open to a relationship (or at least not immediately). Regardless of how Marc Webb does MJ, let's just hope she won't be a damsel in distress in every scene she's in (I'm looking at you Raimi-verse MJ). After all, MJ's one of the reasons Peter was able to move on and love again. She should be treated with respect.

Peter Should Be In College

In TASM 2, we heard Peter say that he's in college now during a (hilarious) argument with Aunt May. But we never saw Peter actually in a class. Hopefully we will in TASM 3, though. I think all the stress from college (on top of his duties as Spidey and Gwen's death) would be an awesome plot point. Plus, this would be a great way to introduce a few characters. Maybe we could see Eddie Brock become Peter's roommate since Harry can't fill that role for obvious reasons. Or maybe even Flash Thompson, who actually ends up being one of Peter's best friends in the comics.

The Daily Bugle/J. Jonah Jameson

Now, I've wanted to see the Daily Bugle since the first movie in this reboot. We sort of saw it in TASM 2 in the scene where Peter emailed Jonah some pictures of Spidey. And while that scene was funny for what it was, it's not enough. I want to see Peter actually go to the Bugle, talk to Betty and Robbie, and argue over his paycheck with JJJ himself.

Now that I think about it, it would be absolutely perfect if Jameson is introduced in TASM 3. If my theory is correct, and Peter gets the black suit, Peter will probably end up using excessive force on criminals. This could lead to Jameson, for lack of better words, talking shit about Spidey. This would be both comical and frustrating for the audience, and would create a great relationship between Peter and JJJ.

Felicia Hardy

We got a little taste of this femme fatal in TASM 2. I 'd like to see a lot more of her in the next movie. It was implied that she has a way of getting information, so maybe she could somehow help Spidey. I'm is assuming, of course, that she does don her suit in the movie. And that's another thing. Let her JUST wear a suit. No cross species for Black Cat.

The Villain Line Up

We pretty much got the confirmed Sinister Six lineup during the credits of TASM 2. We saw glimpses of Doctor Octopus, Vulture, Goblin, Rhino, and who I believe to be Kraven and Mysterio. Which villains we actually see in the movie is up to conjecture, but my bet's on Doc Ock, Vulture, Rhino, and Mysterio.

Doctor Octopus

Doc Ock will most likely be in the movie since we saw his tentacles in TASM 2. Since he's the original leader of the team, he deserves to have the spot light and be developed before the Sinister Six spin off movie. Anyway, though, the Doc Ock I want to see in Webb's franchise should be more like the comic version of the character; an unsociable, cold, stern, brilliant man with a superiority-complex. I don't want Otto to have a too much of a good side, but I also don't want him to come off as a major douche and subsequently be unlikable in the movie. If we can get a comic book version of the character, with just a tiny bit of the compassion we saw in Alfred Molina's Doc Ock, it'd be the perfect adaptation of the character. I also think we should get a more muscular Octavius. Something resembling the Ultimate look for the character.


I'm pretty sure Vulture will be one of the villains in the movie for pretty mcuh the same reason as Doc Ock. Vulture should be the most sympathetic villain in the movie because he's got the most sympathetic backstory. They could do something similar to what we saw with Max Dillon in TASM 2, but in a much harsher way. On a side note, I would much prefer the original green look, but with the more modern Ultimate suit design, But if we do get the straight up, Ultimate red look, I'd be fine with that too.


Now we shouldn't get too much of Rhino. I was thinking the opening sequence of the movie could be the rest of his fight with Spidey from TASM 2. Spidey can subdue Rhino, crack a few jokes, and be on his merry way. We'll get quite a bit more of Rhino without hindering the development of other villains. Everybody wins.


So like I said, I believe the mask we saw during the credits of TASM 2 is indeed Mysterio. I mean the gas/smoke coming out of the eye should be a dead giveaway. Mysterio is one of my personal favorite Spidey villains, so seeing him on the big screen would be a dream come true. But how exactly should he look in the movie? Should he have his trademark fishbowl? Or something a little less ridculous-looking? Obviously, the latter. Now given the fact that we saw what looked like a theatre mask with gas coming out of it, I'm assuming they're going with a mix of the Ultimate and 616 look. I was thinking he'd wear cowl and have the gas form around it, paying homage to the old school fishbowl. But how should he be connected to Oscorp? Perhaps he's the creator of some kind of virtual reality device? The illsuions he makes his opponents experience are probably gonna be a result of taking in the gas he uses, so maybe not. Either way, I think it would awesome to see Spidey facing Mysterio, and being forced to experience The Night Gwen Stacy Died (see what I did there?)

In my opinion, The Amazing Spider-Man 2 is the greatest Spidey movie to date. Marc Webb has a lot to live up to. And regardless of how many of these things actually happen, I'm absolutely stoked for The Amazing Spider-Man 3.

The Amazing Spider-Man 3 is set to open in 2016, and The Amazing Spider-Man 2 is now in theaters and is the number one movie in the world.


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