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Cameron Crowe in an interview with Empire magazine showed notebooks with over a dozen alternate titles for his most famous film Almost Famous scribbled on the pages. Among those considered My Back Pages (which referenced Crowe’s rock journalist past), The Uncool (the famous Lester Bangs quote), Tangerine (referencing a Led Zeppelin song), A Thousand Words (the length of Crowe’s first rock review), In Through the Outdoor, Rock School, and Hotel Kisses. For a while the film was just called Untitled. The longer director’s cut version released on DVD even uses the title.

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Don’t be surprised if the new Star Wars VII film currently working titled [Star Wars: Episode VII](movie:711158) The Order of the Jedi changes its title a few times more before its wide release.

In the spirit of flux I give you 14 Other films that changed their working titles:

Alternate Title: All You Need Is Kill

Final Title: Edge of Tomorrow

All You Need Is Kill was the name of the Japanese source novel but it didn’t explain the Groundhog Day time loop element well enough.

Alternate Title: Would I Lie to You?

Final Title: Tootsie

Dustin Hoffman had creative control on the original play the film was based on. Hoffman changed it because Tootsie was the name of his mother’s dog.

Alternate title: 3000

Final title: Pretty Woman

3000 was the fee that Vivian and Edward agreed on her for services. The Roy Orbison song had a catchier title.

Alternate title: Dangerous Days

Final title: Blade Runner

Changed because the source title “Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep” was too clunky.

Alternate title: Anhedonia

Final title: Annie Hall

Changed because the studio thought that it was too obscure.

Alternate title: A Long Night at Camp Blood

Final title: Friday the Thirteenth

Director Cunningham wanted a title that had a ring to it and could make people laugh.

Alternate title: Shoeless Joe

Final title: Field of Dreams

The title of the W.P. Kinsella source novel wasn’t descriptive enough for studio executives.

Alternate title: A Boy’s Life

Final title: E.T.

Steven Spielberg wanted to keep the plot details secret. JJ Abrams, known for his secrecy, also used this tactic for his films.

Alternate title: Wiseguy

Final title: Goodfellas

Changed to avoid confusion between the source book by Nicolas Pileggi and the popular TV crime drama with the same name.

Alternate title: Head Cheese

Final title: The Texas Chainsaw Massacre

Not really a scary horror title. Most people thought it was a football movie about Green Bay Packer fans.

Alternate title: Tribal Rites of the New Saturday Night

Final title: Saturday Night Fever

The title of the source article by Nik Cohn wasn’t really Hollywood enough.

Alternate title: The Cut Whore Killings

Final title: Unforgiven

The original was thought to be a bit too much for movie goers to handle.

Alternate title: Scary Movie

Final title: Scream

The original was thought to be too funny. Apparently the Wayan Brothers agreed also.

Alternate title: Spaceman From Pluto

Final title: Back to the Future

A Studio Exec thought that anything with “future” in its title wouldn’t work. He changed his mind when the original started getting too many laughs.

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