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Season 5 of The Walking Dead has picked up another member of The Wire cast. Seth Gilliam has joined the cast as "Michael Todd". But as ScreenCrush points out, that's likely a cover name for Gabriel.

I expected we'd see Father Gabriel before the end of season 4, due to the story line of the show neatly slotting into 'that' period of the comic book. When Beth disappeared in the funeral home's ambulance I was convinced the driver was Gabriel. Perhaps we have our season 5 cold open right there, Gabriel and Beth on the road together? Maybe that's the spin off show? Well as much as I like the sound of that Emily Kinney isn't rejoining the cast in Atlanta just yet.

Emily Kinney
Emily Kinney

Word has it Steven Yuen and Andrew Lincoln were out playing golf together in Georgia as the cast reconvene ahead of the first day of shooting. But Miss Kinney has some obligations with regards to her music career. I'm pretty convinced some season five material has been shot already, perhaps Miss Kinney has a jump start on her arc? We will find out in October.

By Marc Godsiff

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