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Spring break is on again bitches! It's time to ramp up your alcohol tolerance, dust off your pastel coloured beach wear and get ready to shake it at the most hedonistic party of your lives!

At Cannes film festival, it was announced that Harmony Korine's technicolor masterpiece is getting a sequel of sorts, and I for one am pumped. While the warning signs of a cheap sequel cash in were initially flashing, it seems like the second production could be just as mind blowing as the first.

Irvine Welsh (Trainspotting) is on board to tackle the script with his sordid and acidic tongue and, to complete the dream team, Jonas Åkerlund will be directing.

Åkerlund is well known for his high intensity madness in classics such as 2003's Spun along with highly innovative and creative music videos like Lady GaGa's Paparazzi. Considering Spring Breaker's resemblance to a R&B video on acid, Åkerlund represents a great candidate to take the reigns from Korine!

[Spring Breakers: The Second Coming](movie:1407297) will (sadly) feature an all new cast of hot young things engaged in an epic battle with hardline Christian's who are trying to quell their party fire and convert them.

Wild Bunch co-chief Vincent Marvel explained that;

It’s not a direct sequel although there are allusions to some of the characters in the original

I make no secret of the fact that I am a huge fan of the original Spring Breakers and I have high hopes for the sequel. The thrill of seeing Selena Gomez and Vanessa Hudgens go feral might have been removed, but the talented scriptwriter and the introduction of rabid fire and brimstone Christians mean that Spring Breakers: The Second Coming is overflowing with potential.

If Åkerlund can deliver a scene as amazing as the chunk of perfection below, I will personally make the pilgrimage to Sweden to kiss his feet;

Are you excited to see Spring Breakers: The Second Coming, or is one movie enough?


Will 'Spring Breakers: The Second Coming' live up to the original?

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