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The brand new clips from the highly anticipated Maps to the Stars dish up a veritable heap of Hollywood drama. From Julianne Moore sinking her well manicured claws into Robert Pattinson to John Cusack ranting on about the Dalai Lama, this absurd peek into the lives of the rich and famous won't disappoint.

Those of you crossing your fingers for another David Cronenberg talk fest can rest at ease now, [Maps to the Stars](movie:7142) promises to be an intelligent, dialogue heavy magnifying glass over absurdly opulent Hollywood lifestyles.

The brand new clips cover a wide terrain of seduction, greed, eccentricity and toxic falsity. Needless to say they got my scandal seeking mouth watering with anticipation.

Check out the clips below;

Robert Pattinson's performance as a chauffeur awkwardly juggling professionalism with an eagerness to please the stars that he himself aspires to be looks promising. But, Evan Bird's performance as Benjie Weiss threatens to hog the spotlight.

What isn't fascinating about an an overindulged, fame hungry man child fresh out of rehab? Not to mention the daughter with a history of criminal pyromania...

Which actor or actress do you think will steal the show in Maps to the Stars?


Are you excited about Maps to the Stars?

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