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Some super fans of Darth Maul have created a very impressive fan made movie in which he battles a band of Jedi. Created and directed by Shawn Bu, we see a true fan bring back the disappointingly underused, Darth Maul. The description reads:

'If you want to see Darth Maul in action, check out our ultimate Lightsaber Fight! We shot this in one crazy long day just for fun!'

Maul in fine Maul fashion takes on a crew of Jedi with his iconic red lightsaber. The production quality is quite high on this one and they've even included some training and making of footage at the end.

Check out the link below:

While we're on the topic, here's another fan movie worth checking out called Batman: Dead End. This was made about ten years ago, was shown at Comic-Con, then became a huge internet success and was regarded by Kevin Smith as 'possibly the truest, best Batman movie ever made'.

Check it out below:

I remember when this was released online, before online magazines were the norm and I had to copy, letter for letter, the link and watch it. In the article that followed, pre-Batman Begins, I remember a quote from a Warner Bros exec saying something like 'there is still an audience for Batman' and based on the success of this movie they were looking into another Batman movie; I've tried but can't seem to track the exact quote down folks. But I've always thought it great that a fan made movie inspired someone to reboot Batman.

Any suggestions for fan films worth watching?


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