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To be honest I'm personally in that minority that liked Attack of the Clones; there I said it. I like the fact that the film takes on a private detective film noir sort of vibe with Obi Wan doing an investigation and getting out of his depth. It shows the character like you've never seen him, as an intelligent risk taker who's not afraid of danger and who can throw down with the best of them (the fight in the rain with Jango Fett is particularly badass). I also think that Anakin needs to become romantic and show his weakness because this becomes a huge part of his downfall and this side of him is what ultimately becomes his redemption in Episode IV; though admittedly his perspective on 'sand' does leave one wondering what genius wrote that line.

However, Honest Trailers have ripped the movie apart in one of their new scathing

Check it out below:

Honest trailers are there to highlight flaws in movies and comment on structure and mistakes, however I don't think that this one delivers. For these reasons:

1. 'watch as the chin stroking jedi are pulled into a war between a completely disposable droid army and a completely disposable clone army; seriously there's no reason to get emotionally involved in any of this crap'

What the film is showing is the future of combat where robots will fight for us. It is already happening with drones. The clones are used like lambs to the slaughter and perhaps a metaphor for real life soldiers who are treated as numbers in great quantity. I think it's there to make you think about it in this way.

2. 'who's been creepily stalking Padme for the last decade'

Anakin and Padme haven't seen each other in almost a decade and so I don't know how one can stalk one, when one hasn't seen the other; maybe he Facebook stalked her; (STATUS UPDATE, Anakin likes your Naboo Summer photo album ).

3. 'you'll have to wait over an hour before you even meet the main villain'

Dooku is mentioned in the iconic prologue at around 01:00. If he is mentioned in this, then clearly he is an important part of the story. Doubt is set up with the use of the phrase 'mysterious Count Dooku' and further doubt is raised when Senatar Amidala at approximately 05:30 when she says that she believes Dooku was behind her assassination attempt. They are setting him up the way Kurtz is set up in Apocalypse Now. Not only that but he doesn't die and is subsequently used in the third movie.

4. 'cold, lifeless and boring'

I wouldn't say Anakin's mother dying in his arms and him slaying a camp of Tusken Raiders is necessarily cold, lifeless and/or boring.

5. 'Attack of the Clones'

As stated at the start of the Honest trailer the clones are in a war with the droids and I have to attack them; or else there would be no battle, maybe just a landslide of Drones slaughtering Clones but as you can see that doesn't happen.

Some valid dialogue points are raised though, because even if you like the film you have to admit that some of this script is dreadful. I do enjoy Honest Trailers, I just think that this one is a little weak.

What do you think?


Attack of the Clones, c'mon don't be shy...


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