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The first official trailer for indie sci-fi flick Coherence is about to make you sh*t your pants over comets.

That's right - you heard - comets! When a middle-class dinner party clashes with a heinous astrological anomaly, it's really not that easy to tell what's going on. But, with a trailer this good, I don't really care. Give the Coherence trailer a watch and see what you think:

Metaphysically terrifying?

Part suspenseful sci-fi mystery, part intimate relationship drama, James Ward Byrkit's Coherence centers on eight friends who meet up for a dinner party. The cheerful event is cut-short when an astrological phenomenon occurs and the group is shaken by supernatural incidents.

Like what you see here? Coherence is set for a June 20, 2014 release.

(Source: YouTube)


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