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Death is coming to the Marvel Universe - and the secrets that the murder of one of Marvel's most beloved figures will reveal are set to shake that universe to its very core.

In the Marvel Comics series Original Sin, the first issue of which is released today, one of Marvel's most pivotal character is found dead - and the question facing the world's heroes is: Who shot the Watcher?

That's right - Uatu, The Watcher, the mysterious lunar-based space-god who has watched over the Marvel Universe for eons is dead, and the consequences are set to be as far-reaching as they get.

As series writer Jason Aaron - who shares creative duties with artist Mark Deodato Jr - puts it:

“This is basically a crime story. A murder mystery. A manhunt. But with the entirety of the Marvel Universe as its backdrop...We’re taking all the toys out of their packaging for this one. Everyone and everything is in play. For some characters, life will never be the same again. And it’s only a matter of time before more bodies are popping up.”

Could the consequences even be felt in the Marvel Cinematic Universe? If there were any major character changes that the MCU felt it needed to make, then this kind of crossover comics shakeup is exactly the kind of moment that could make it part of a unified canon. You can check out a trailer for Original Sin below, and decide for yourself:

What do you guys think? Will we be seeing the consequences of Original Sin in the MCU? Let me know below!


Will we feel the consequences of Original Sin in the Marvel Cinematic Universe?



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