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Batman vs. Superman is still at least a year or two away - and sometimes all the Ben Affleck related gossip in the world isn't enough to keep the Bat-withdrawal pangs at bay.

Worry not, though, Bat-Fans! The DCU is here, and it's bringing a solid gold bars worth of Bat-action to your screens this summer.

Meet Batman: Assault on Arkham. The new DC straight to DVD animation is interestingly, a prequel to the Arkham series of games by Rocksteady - and sees the Suicide Squad, a ragtag team of supervillains, hired to break into Arkham Asylum.

This means that the focus is far less on Batman than in usual cinematic outings - allowing a team of classic DC rogues to shine. Alongside Kevin Conroy, returning once more to voice Batman, Neil McDonough brings fan-favorite Deadshot to the screen, and Hynden Walch voices the inimitable Harley Quinn. We even get Troy Baker as The Joker and Matthew Gray Gubler as The Riddler.

To find out the full lineup, including even more legendary figures from Batman's rogues gallery - and to catch a fascinating glimpse behind the scenes of the film - check out the video below:

What do you guys think? Who are you most excited to be seeing in Batman: Assault on Arkham?


Who are you most looking forward to seeing in Batman: Assault on Arkham?



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