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The 2013 remake of The Evil Dead shocked us all when it was actually amazing, but the must anticipated second installation has been a loooong time coming. I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but I wouldn't hold your breath for Raimi delivering any time soon.

Apparently Sam Raimi and Bruce Campbell are in no rush to pull their socks up and deliver us fans the sequel we so desperately want. Whereas this will probably be a good thing in terms of quality, I for one am getting impatient!

In a recent interview with Shock Til You Drop, director Fede Alvarez dropped this bomb about [Evil Dead 2](movie:889981);

Sam, Bruce, and Rob Tapert and I are good friends and we talk to one another often and we're always coming up with new ideas and projects. Sam is teasing Army of Darkness 2, which he is working on the script with his brother, but at the same time Evil Dead 2 is something we definitely want to do at some point. ... It's always in the background and always in our heads. And every time I talk with Sam, we're bouncing around ideas to find what would be the perfect sequel

At least there is some compensation for us [Evil Dead](movie:206065) and Raimi fanatics! I will take [Army of Darkness 2](movie:885045) as a constellation prize any day!

Are you chomping at the bit for Evil Dead 2?


How long will we have to wait for 'Evil Dead 2'?

(Source: Geek Tyrant via Shock Til You Drop)

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