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If there is one thing that we know for sure it’s that [The Walking Dead](series:201193) has a very particular way of dealing with children.

Remember! The first walker who has been shown (and killed) in the first minutes of the show was a little girl! Then Sophia, Mika, Lizzie and the others, who have simply disappeared.

However, Carl is still with us. And if, like many of you, I did not particularly like the presence of this character, that I found useless except to serve the story line of his parents in the first 3 seasons, I started to like him in 4x09 « after ». The scene where he discovered the teen’s room and his eyes lit up for a few seconds before he remembered the mad world in which he is now growing, was particularly heartbreaking (by the way, I admired Chandler Riggs’s performance in the whole episode).

Because we forget this simple fact: everything has been taken from him, his childhood, his innocence, his mother and all that a normal teenager would have lived and experienced if he was not constantly fighting to survive. But in my opinion, he may be the first and/or the only character who accepted that once and for all.

Let’s go back on his stormy relationship with his father in the first part of season 4 until episode 9. We know that Rick has put down the guns and tried to find normality in their everyday life for the sake of his son after the latter shot another teenager in cold blood, but above all, after he finished his own mother with a clear lack of emotions which we would expect from a child.

In my opinion, during this period, Carl lost all respect for his father. Rick has rejected his responsibilities as a leader and somehow his desire to escape his own daemons led to the fall of the prison. He had to hit rock bottom to finally accept the beast within him.

But also to regain his son’s respect.

In the Finale, we saw Michonne worried about Carl being scared of his father but he admitted that he has his own dark thoughts and in my opinion, he admitted that extreme violence is ok. He accepted it, he accepted this world as it is : a violent world in which only monsters can survive.

A long time before his father.

I would like now submit to you one of my little twisted theories : I think Carl is the real murderer of Karen and the other guy in episode 4x02 « infected ».

And now I can hear you all screaming « BUT CAROL CONFESSED TO THE MURDERS! »


1. Carol confessed to the murders to Rick but if she was covering Carl, it was not to protect him, it was to protect Rick from the truth. At that point of the story, Rick was not in a state to accept that his 13 years old son took this radical decision because he thought his father was not able to be a good leader anymore. After all, Rick was « just a farmer ».

2. Carol confessed to the murders to Tyreese. But she did that after losing Mika and killing Lizzie. She was a mother who had a second chance after losing her own daughter and she simply failed. She wanted to die, she wanted Tyreese to kill her.

3. Carl said to Michonne :

He (Rick) told me the other day that he was proud of me. That I was a good man. But I’m not. I know more about what he wanted for me. And I tried. But I still have these thoughts. I’m not what he thinks I am. I’m just a monster too.

I didn't see fear in Carl’s eyes when Rick killed Joe and his men. I saw acceptance and respect.

What do you think? What do you expect Carl to become? In the future, can he be more violent, cold and maybe more efficient as a leader than his father?


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