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Well, it's that time of year folks where all the major US networks reveal which new shows they have picked up and think will be big next season.

Fox has been the first network out of the gate and has picked up three dramas to join its schedule next season. The three are:


Starring The OC's Ben McKenzie, the show functions as an origin piece for James Gordon, a police detective who ends up becoming Police Commissioner of the infamous Gotham City. It also features a young Bruce Wayne, before he becomes Batman, as well as Selina Kyle (Catwoman), Oswald Cobblepot (The Penguin) and more! Check out the trailer below.


Starring Iron Man's Terrence Howard, Empire is described as an unique family drama at a hip-hop empire. The cast sounds good, and not only that but music producer Timbaland will play a role in producing the music for the show.

Red Band Society

Starring Oscar winner Octavia Spencer (The Help), Red Band Society follows a group of teenagers who become unlikely allies and friends while at a children's wing of a hospital.

These three pickups join the shows that Fox had already given straight to series orders too, which include:

Backstrom - The Office star Rainn Wilson plays a self-destructive detective who solves crimes in Portland. Think of it like House with cops.

Weird Loners - A comedy about four loners who end up becoming friends when they live together in a townhouse in Queens.

Mulaney - A comedy about an aspiring comedian who has to deal with his boss, neighbours and friends.

Hieroglyph - Set in Ancient Egypt, the show follows a thief who is plucked from prison by the Pharaoh to do work for him.

Last Man on Earth - A comedy about a man who is the last man on Earth. Simple really.


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