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It has just been announced that Liongate studios will produce a brand new Power Rangers movie. This will be a live action, feature film. We have previously had two Power Rangers movies from the 90's.

So do I think this is a good idea?

Hell no! I honestly don't know what Lionsgate are thinking! From a business stand point this is just stupid. Power Rangers is now a laughable property.

In 1995, Mighty Morphing Power Rangers made $66 Million worldwide. Which is very bad for a big movie. In 1997 they tried again with Turbo: A Power Rangers Movie......$9 Million worldwide!

The average movie goer does not want to see a Power Rangers movie because Power Rangers is now viewed as a stupid, silly comedy, which no one wants to see. Surely the drop from $66 Million to $9 Million in the space of two years is a strong message that there is not a demand for a Power Rangers movie!

So....I think this is a really stupid idea. Am I going to see it?

You're damn right I'll be going to see it, Power Rangers may be silly and stupid, but that's what everyone loves about it! I am incredibly interested in what Lionsgate could do with a Power Rangers movie without making it overly camp and ridiculous.

So ye I think this is an awful idea, but I will be seeing it!

Are you guys excited for another Power Rangers movie?


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