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James Porter

This is our first official poster for Christopher Nolan's new movie " [Interstellar](movie:813746)".

This poster doesn't tell us much, or show us much. But this is absolutely beautiful. It feels very classic, feels very similar to Close Encounters of The Third Kind or Starman.

The tagline also gave me goosebumps....."Mankind was born on Earth. It was never meant to die here." that tagline feels very inspirational and gets me so excited for the movie. I am already completely sold on this movie, I might not even watch any trailers for it.

Everything about this film gets me excited. Christopher Nolan is my second favorite director. The cast is fantastic.

Matthew McConaughey is quickly becoming my favorite actor working today with amazing work in films like "Dallas Buyers Club", "Mud", "Magic Mike" and a small role in "The Wolf Of Wall Street". I was so excited when I heard he was the lead role in this film and his voice-over in the teaser trailer got me a little choked up. The rest of the cast is really good also.

From the looks of things, this has a very big chance of being my favorite movie of the year, Christopher Nolan has never let me down before.

How do you feel about the first poster for Interstellar?


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