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With series 8 of [Doctor Who](series:200668) coming soon. I am psyched for this. Ive been watching the classic, and Revival series on netflix and the show is great. I am excited with Peter Capaldi being the new Doctor. Im also excited for who ever he will battle and I have three possible enemies for the 12th Doctor to battle in his series.

3. The Daleks

The Daleks are always in a new series of a new Doctor. It makes sense because they are the Doctor's most powerful, and oldest foe. No matter how many times The Doctor defeats them they always come back, and they are always involved in the new Doctor's series finale.

The 9th Doctor battles them in the Parting of ways, which we learn they survived the Time war through the Dalek Emperor.

The tenth Doctor Battled both them and the Cybermen in his series finale. Its also the finale that introduces the Cult of Skaro, which play a part in later Doctor Who episodes

and the 11th Doctor battled them, and several other foes in Pandorica Opens and Big Bang.This shows the Doctor will always meet up with the foes that will do nothing to Exterminate him.

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2. The Master, and the Return of Gallifrey

This is a idea I hope will come true. As we know The Doctor's planet, Gallifrey is trapped in a pocket Universe and the Doctor will b ring back his planet.

But what if Gallifrey does come back? But what if The Doctor Doesnt bring it back but The Master instead? What if for saving Gallifrey they let him rule it. With the Timelords under his control, and the power of Gallifrey in his hands. He can kill the ones who made him hear the sound of drums he hates so much and destroy the Doctor. it may also have thr Doctor make a choice of Locking Gallifrey in the Pocket Dimension for good.

1. The Valeyard

The Valeyard...the ultimate foe. more dangerous then the Cybermen, The master, even the Daleks. The reason why? Because he is the Doctor. The Evil within the Doctor. According to the Master , "The Valeyard is an amalgamation of the darker side of the Doctor's nature", taken from somewhere between his "twelfth and final incarnations" The Valeyard is possibly how the Doctor really is deep down. We seen traces of a darker side in the previous Doctors. When the 9th Doctor sadistically tortures a defense Dalek, the 10th Doctor drowning a new colony of Rancoss infants and the 11th going nuts and beating a Dalek in Victory of the Daleks. We know the Doctor has evil in him. Were at the Doctor's 12th(13th possibly 14th if you want to be technical) Incarnation. So its very possible the Valeyard will come soon and battle the 12th Doctor. But what if the Eleventh Doctor met him already. Or a early version of him. Who am I talking about? The Dreamlord from the episode "Amy's Choice"

The Drealord is a dark manifestation of the Doctor's inner evil, and he was played wonderfully by Toby Jones. We see him have traits of the Doctor. being calculating, smart, taunting, and one sly bastard. Now the Dreamlord seems to be defeated but in the TARDIS console you see him smiling slyly at the Doctor, and his laugh is heard

In my opinion the Dreamlord will become the Valeyard, via another aborted regeneration. Hopefully the Ultimate Enemy shall return

If you enjoyed this list please tell em what you thought, and these ideas for enemies to battle the 12th Doctor are good, then tell me why, and if you have your own Ideas of who he should fight I would love to know them.


Who should battle the 12th Doctor

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