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So, Disney is including the Avengers and an assorted mix of other Marvel characters in Disney Infinity, and last year, an episode of Phineas and Ferb called “Mission Marvel” contained a crossover where the main characters got to meet several well known Marvel-heroes. It's only a matter of time until the next Disney franchise gets a visit from, or includes, Marvel characters into their midst.

I thought I'd throw in my two cents before that happens. For a franchise to just get a crossover visit like that, it would have to be somewhat flexible already. Either a bit abstract, silly or a result of such crossovers. Kingdom Hearts could fit, although I find that the Disney universe presented there is already dark and scary enough as it is, without adding the powers of Doctor Doom and Galactus into the mix. There'll be plenty of time for [Star Wars: Episode VII](movie:711158) and Marvel to mix it up in Mickey's playground as well, but I doubt it will happen just yet. What I'm really rooting for though, is the inclusion of superheroines in Disney Princess!

Yes. These.

Disney Princess is already a crossover franchise, as several different characters from different locations, times and even art styles mix it up. Their only common denominator seems to be a claim to one throne or another, and not always a royal one at that (Pocahontas, I'm looking at you). So I took a dive into the Marvel Archives and picked up a few candidates.

Ororo Munroe, Princess of a Kenyan tribe, and one time Queen of Wakanda.

You probably saw this one coming. Storm is about as famous for her royal manner as she is for her ability to make snowstorms in summer. Her royal mother married a simple American, and gave birth to Ororo. They died while she was still young, and she grew up in the streets of Kairo, living as a thief until her powers manifested and she became the “goddess” who brought rain to a thirsty population. She got recruited by the X-men, and lived as an adventurer until accepting a proposal from T'Challa, the Black Panther and King of Wakanda.

Silver Sablinova, of Symkaria.

True title unknown, but she's central in diplomatic relations with neighbouring countries like Latveria, and her mercenary group “Wildpack”, is Symkarias main source of income. As far as I'm concerned, Silver Sable qualifies big time.

Susan Storm, ambassador of Uhari, and legal guardian to the heirs to the Uhari throne, Wu and Vil

Yes, the Invisible Woman should be a Disney princess. Apart from representing Uhari, a race of merpeople sometimes referred to as “true Atlanteans”, she's also constantly on the receiving end of Prince Namors advances, despite her marrige to Mr. Fantastic.

Crystalia Amaquelin, the Peoples Princess, of the Inhuman royal family.

While she's technically not a princess (she's the sister of Queen Medusa, and sister in law to King Black Bolt), Crystal still holds an important place in the hearts of both the Inhuman and the Kree race. She's currently in a political marrige with Ronan the Accuser in a bid to unite the Kree and the Inhumans in a common effort.

Wanda Maximoff, Princess of Genosha

The Scarlet Witch was unstable, went mad, and altered the very fabric of the world to suit her whims, leaving her father Magneto in charge of the island Genosha, once the ruins of a great mutant city, now a powerful country in a world where mutants were respected, and baseline humans were not. With the collective help of Wolverine, Emma Frost and the child Layla Miller, a group of heroes (and a few villains) banded together to reverse the change. But for a little while, Wanda was a princess in the House of M.

Narya of Canada

Now, Canada doesn't have a royal family. They use the British one instead. Still, Snowbird would be the closest Canada comes to a true princess, being the daughter of man and goddess. Narya is a protector of Canada, able to take the form of any beast naturally occurring in the Canadian wilderness.


So, who's would be the best next princess?


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