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We all know that watching scary movies can make for a great date night, but here's a list of films that wouldn't. Unless you expect to never have a second date, avoid these on the first. Back in the day horror was fun, but now it's cruel and all about brutality. Some even go leaps and bounds beyond that standard, making some horror films look like children's entertainment. Whatever you do, don't pull these flicks out if you're trying to make a good impression, unless that person is just as twisted as you.

10. THE ENTITY (1982)

I know demons and possessions are scary, and usually make for good movie nights. They allow you to snuggle closely with your partner and kind of even get some romance out of it. However, there's nothing sexy or romantic about watching a film that involves a woman being raped by a demon. While "The Entity" is a great movie, it's best kept on your DVD shelves until you've at least been dating a couple of months.

9. THE EXORCIST (1973)

Yes, although it's in the top five greatest horror films ever made, and probably the scariest, you don't want to ruin a date by watching a 12-year-old girl peeing, throwing up, and masturbating with a crucifix. Quite frankly it's too gross for a first impression, and if they haven't already seen "The Exorcist", why are you wasting your time with them, anyway?


Yeah, that's right. Although "Cannibal Holocaust" is notorious for being gory and brutal , it's not appealing to anyone looking forward to a sweet and charming night. Not to mention that there are real animals killed on screen! If this doesn't ruin a romantic evening, you really lucked out. Stay away from this one until you've shown them the basics of the genre.

7. "IRREVERSIBLE" (2002)

"Irreversible" has a slow pace, but it's very creative storytelling. And it makes for a good watch, if not at least once. But, don't watch this on a first date. With some heinous violence and a graphic rape scene that goes on for so long that it actually gets boring, you're not getting into anyone's pants or doing yourself any favors by viewing this one.

6. "THE HUMAN CENTIPEDE 2" (Full Sequence) (2011)

One of the most sadistic movies in the last decade, this proves to be a motion picture that only those with iron stomachs can handle. There's everything from feces to newborn baby killings in this one. Pretty self-explanatory. Unless you want your date to possibly throw up their dinner and walk out on you, you'll keep this one on the hush-hush until you're really comfortable with that person.

5. "MARTYRS" (2008)

When the Weinstein Company bought the American rights to this French film, and released it on DVD in 2009, was all the rage. People still talk about this modern masterpiece in the horror genre. However, it's content is incredibly inappropriate for a first date. Unlike a lot of films on this list, there's no gratuitous rape. There is however, some stomach churning gore and graphic violence that will ruin the mood a date should have. Definitely make 'em watch this one, but don't rush things.

4. "GROTESQUE" (2009)

This nasty little 2009 film from Japan has just about everything in it that would ruin a date. Torture, gore, violence, and bodily fluids that don't belong on the screen unless you're watching an X-rated film. You've gotta have a pretty sick sense of humor to like this one, and while it may actually be somewhat of a good film, it's not really worth more than a single watch. So don't waste it on date night.

3. "A SERBIAN FILM" (2010)

Notorious for being banned in Finland, Spain, Portugal, France, New Zealand, Australia, Malaysia, Singapore, and rejected in Norway. It also had 19 minutes cut out of it in order to be played in the US. All of this is due to child sexual abuse, necrophilia, rape, and a ridiculous amount of gore, torture, and nudity. You've got to be a complete moron to want to watch this with someone you intend to keep around. On the other hand, if you're trying to get someone to not like you, and don't want a second date, this is the one to watch.

2. "NEKROMANTIK" (1988)

Hailing from Germany, this film still stirs up controversy. With a somewhat over-sized amount of corpse-loving, "Nekromantik" doesn't invoke any emotions but sickness to the viewer. Trust me, there's nothing non-sexier than having a date, and watching people make love to a realistic looking corpse. It's disgusting. And while this feature has gained a cult following over the years due to its reputation, it's only good to watch if you're looking for shock value. Otherwise, pick another movie. This is one that will get anyone who's not a genre buff to leave the room.

1. August Underground's "MORDUM" (2003)

Since the twenty some years I've been watching horror, this is the film that hit me the hardest. I can take them as extreme as they come, and often ask for seconds. But, "Mordum" is a different story. I saw someone say online that before they realized it was a movie, they actually almost called the police. There's generally nothing redeemable about this movie, and it's only good for a one time watch, if you're up for it. This has just about everything in it that's in every other film I've listed. This not only will ruin a date, it will make people never want to talk to you again. Absolutely stay away from this one.


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