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**Will Contain Spoilers**

This is the episode before the finale and it keeps up the track record it has had. Here are five things you need to know about Ragtag:

5. Missions, Story and Soldiers

In this episode, we see that the team works best when they have a focused goal and each one works and does their necessary thing. That’s why we don’t see Fitz and Simmons go to Cybertek and why we do see Triplet handling the escape; all this works and they have been doing a good job to keep even a small infiltration mission interesting and funny. We also get to see them getting closer and closer to Garrett and this is where the finale will go to when the two groups finally clash. First the gang has to escape a group of centipede soldiers (who are also being sold to the military, wonder what implications this will have and if it will go somewhere in the show or expand to the MCU). A very exciting episode that continues with the quality and tension from past episodes although the one thing I didn’t like through the episode was Coulson saying they aren’t agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. They are agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. - don’t lose that hope man!

4. Fitzsimmons

Even though I ship them extremely hard, I am not going to talk about their romantic dynamic. Instead I am going to talk on every thing else (which kind of affects the romance..). It has been a while since we have seen Fitz/Simmons work together as a team. That is one of the strong things of the show, how they play off of each other and combining both intellectual minds, they come up with great things. Here we not only see them instructing Coulson and May but we also see how Simmons tries to balance what Fitz is going through; the one character that still believes that there is good in Ward, but by the end of the episode that hope is destroyed. I feel really bad for Fitz, but Ward is the villain and I think now that he has come to terms with it he will be able to move on from the betrayal. However, he is right about one thing. Ward does care about them even in a very sub-level way, which is why he didn't kill them (but he didn’t save them either). They are in limbo right now and I hope they answer their survival status next episode. I don’t think I can handle that amount of uncertainty until season 2.

3. Comedy

The comedy is always great. Its something that is so much in the DNA of Marvel and its not a shock that it works so well in the show. Mainly Coulson, he is starting to feel more like himself and he makes some witty remarks or some confusing graphs but they all work to either explain something in a non-serious way or to balance some of the serious moments (which we got a lot given the other half of the episode). Other nice things were seeing May and Coulson doing the same argument that Fitz and Simmons had. Fitz burning the drapes with the cigarette and the pizza part was hilarious. Overall, comedy works really well in the show and it’s something they are improving.

2. May and Coulson

For a long time they have been hinting at their friendship and how well they work together, and we have seen sparks of that in previous episodes. However, this one takes the cake for having both of them alone on a mission. Not only their chemistry is amazing but also they seem like a different kind of FitzSimmons who play off of what the other does. Overall not only does it look like two highly operating Shield agents but also life long friends and I think we, just like Coulson, are happy that May is back. Next episode I think we are going to see the best of their skills and the best of their teamwork so a little build up and preview always helps.

1. Ward and Garrett

Half of the episode was focused on Ward and his relationship with Garrett. The very first scene is Ward coming out of juvie to a mischievous Garrett, who convinces him to go with him and get trained. Kudos to the actor who played younger Ward as he did a lot of the facial expressions and mannerisms to a tee. Anyway, what we got from the flashbacks was not only Ward’s training and inclusion to S.H.I.E.L.D. but also to give us a human side to him, a side that Garrett considers a weakness (even though he is himself part of that weakness, but he exploits it for his own means). Toward the end we see a mirror between the dog and FitzSimmons where he knows what he has to do. He has his doubts and then, both of them end in a very unclear answer if he did kill them. What matters from this is that Fitz is right; there is goodness in Ward, the problem is that his loyalty to Garrett is much greater and I think this will play out towards the end. I really don’t want a redemption story. Ward got really good when he turned evil, but he is evil to a point and even though I don’t think he can come back from that, he can pull off a Darth Vader and sacrifice himself to save the ones he loves (Skye) which I think is the most plausible theory. On a brief note, Garrett now seems a lot more threatening and those words that he said “the universe” are very mysterious.

Next week is the season finale and from the trailer we don’t see Fitz and Simmons, but we see a bunch of action and it looks like it indeed will be a very explosive finale.


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