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Joel Thompson

Ah, the memories of our youth. Some love to hold onto those memories and think about them now and then to remember back to the simpler days, while others prefer to let it go and let nostalgia be nostalgia. But everyone probably would admit that American Animation was way better in their youth than how it is now. Shows like Adventure Time, Tuff Puppy, Steven Universe, or Fish Hooks ( don't even get me started on Bread Winners ) could never match the might of Totally Spies, Martin Mystery, Teen Titans, or even Wayside. For some reason our animation market has gone downhill over the years, despite a few jems popping up here and there, such as Avatar and Gravity Falls. But what if some of our favorite shows were to return to us, as either an animated or live-action film adaption? What if the story was restarted or continued from where it left off? There is a few shows that I've thought from time to time could pull this with a pretty great final product, if done right of course. But ultimately, it's up to the desire of the fans and the motivation of the filmmakers.

1.) Code Lyoko

2.) Danny Phantom

3.) Ben 10/Generator Rex

4.) The Secret Saturdays

5.) Kappa Mikey

6.) Evil Con Carne

7.) Avatar: The Last Airbender ( Done Right )

8.) Super Monkey Robot Team Hyper Force Go

9.) Teen Titans

10.) Get Ed


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