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Beleaguered Bryan Singer recently called X-Men: Days of Future Past an "inbetweenquel" but the critics are calling it something else entirely. "Movie is 2hr 10min. Wish it was longer". "best X-Men movie so far". "Movie of the summer!". Singer's long awaited tie up had its very first press screening last night and the feedback already looks tight.

Full reviews will be under-wraps till a later date but journos hit Twitter last night to leave a few spoiler-free reactions. There doesn't seem to be a bad word between them but one particular mutant looks to have come out remarkably strong.

A end credit sequence worth sticking around for and a bad ass scene with this guy?

We're in!... hang on, we were already in.

We're sure y'all are too, but what might we expect from this Quicksilver scene? Enlighten us in the comments below.

X-Men: Days of Future Past opens in two weeks time. (eep)



Will we be seeing this dude at the end of the credits?


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