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Arrow may already be adding classic DC characters to its roster at a furious pace, but there's one who I think we all assumed would never find his way to the CW: Batman.

Stephen Amell, though - [Arrow](series:720988) himself - has hinted that it's not quite as impossible as it may sound - and revealed his preferred casting choice for the role.

Asked during a fan Q&A who he would cast in the event of Wayne's appearance in the show, Amell had an answer ready and waiting:

“Robbie Amell...Easy pick. He would literally kill me if I said, ‘Ben Affleck.’"

Robbie Amell, who just so happens to be Stephen's cousin, currently stars in The Tomorrow People - which may or may not be returning to our screens next season. If it were to leave our schedules - would Robbie coming to Arrow as a certain caped crusader soften the blow?

What do you guys think? Should Robbie Amell come to Arrow as Bruce Wayne? Let me know below!


Robbie Amell: Would you like to see him as Batman in Arrow?



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