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With the September premiere seemingly too far away, fans of the hugely successful Sons of Anarchy have begun making their own teaser trailers.

The first, published on April 17 features Jax visiting John Teller's grave and a few clips while he was in prison.

Check it out below:

Another video, uploaded a month ago by TheRaggDolliish, features a funeral scene after Tara died in the hands of Gemma.

Check it out here:

It's almost as though the fans have done FX's marketing for them with these cool trailers.

In a recent interview with EW, Theo Rossi (Juice Ortiz) admits that after having helped Gemma dispose the evidence from Tara's murder, he predicts that his character will not be hanging out in SAMCRO's headquarters long: "You have dreams of being the last guy standing, the one riding off, but you know... I've done a lot of bad things."

He also voiced a few opinions on the differences between himself and Jax:

Here's the difference with naked Juice: He's never been naked Jax... Naked Jax is cool. Naked Jax is in the shower, naked Jax is on top of a girl, naked Jax is doing something with his big back tattoo that you're like, 'Wow.' Naked Juice has been in a diaper. Naked Juice has OD'd and puked everywhere from Gemma's hand in his mouth. Naked Juice is never a good thing. So when I hear things like that, I assume that anxiety will follow.

Sons of Anarchy will return for its final season in September.

So, have these fan trailers tickled your interest?


Should fans make trailers or leave it to the pros?

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