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Rumor has it that Ian Somerhalder just can't get over his ex-girlfriend Nina Dobrev, and the viciously sexy vampire himself isn't doing anything to extinguish the gossip.

When questioned by E! News about his favourite moments in [The Vampire Diaries](series:200853), Somerhalder wasn't backward in coming forward about his love of romping around in bed with Nina Dobrev. The star said that;

Damon's bed is two king beds together...It definitely fits one Elena. There's been some good rolling around. It's cool because you can get a couple of rolls in


Somerhalder also went on to raise eyebrows in an entirely different way. While fans might be foaming at the mouth for 'Delena' to get it on, Ian isn't so sure. He explained that;

They've been through a lot together and everyone keeps saying: 'Oh she needs to be with Damon, she needs to be with Stefan

Excuse me?! Wash your mouth out with soap, young man. We all know that Stefan is probably better for Elena, but watching loves path run smooth just isn't great TV. Am I right, guys?

Do you think that Ian Somerhalder is having problems getting over Nina Dobrev?


Is Ian Somerhalder over Nina Dobrev?

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