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Stop the press! There is finally a Robsten rumor that is almost certainly true! Alas, it isn't the sort that you were probably hoping for. Sorry to crap all over your delicate dreams, guys.

Despite the whirlwind of rumors that Rob and Kristen might be reuniting in a romantic villa at Cannes, Now Magazine has bravely stepped forward to deliver the difficult truth.

An insider told the British magazine that those rumors were a load of twaddle and they revealed that Kristen might find bumping into her ex a little awkward. They explained that;

Awkward is an understatement. Kristen hates confrontation, so seeing Rob will be strange for both of them

I know we don't want to hear it, but this is the most likely rumor I have heard in ages! Despite it sounding the death knell for the minuscule particles of Robsten hope my cynical heart clings onto, it is music to my ears.

Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart haven't seen each other for months on end now, so of course suddenly meeting up in a very public forum would be cringeworthy. If they actually ended up at the same event together Kristen would probably end up in the toilet frantically texting her assistant to help her escape through the back window.

It seems like their so called reunion has been going on for longer than Edward Cullen's high school career, and I am sick to my pointy little teeth of it.

Am a black hearted old witch who spits in the face of loves young dream, or is it about time that Rob and Kristen weren't defined by each other?


Will Rob and Kristen ever reunite?

(Source: MStarz via Now Magazine)

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