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Some of the biggest horror news to worm its way out of Cannes was that the Halloween franchise would get a three-dimensional makeover in the, predictably named, Halloween 3D. Although there has been speculation about whether this will be a sequel to the rebooted Rob Zombie Halloween movies, or a new reboot in its own right, it turns out it could be the former.

Scout Taylor Compton, who has appeared in both of Zombie's previous Halloween movies, has just Tweeted that she will stepping back into her role as Laurie Strodes. She said:

This will probably get a mixed response from Halloween fans. Although Zombie's first foray into the franchise was generally well-received, his second attempt didn't do quite so well with fans and critics.

What do you think? What kind of 3D Halloween adventure would you have preferred? Let me know below.


What kind of Halloween 3D would you have liked?

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