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Rory O'Connor

No child should hiv to pay for theyr fathurz seenz...

Or so says the richly accented antagonist of "Academy Award Winner" Nicholas Cage's new film Rage. We're guessing he hasn't been watching too many action films these days but whatever the case, Rage just got a shiny new trailer and you can take a look below:

There's a good bit of notice board action going on around the 46'' mark, and the rest is more of the usual action packed trailer fare. Good to see Cage building on all that great feedback for Joe though...

The plot concerns a clean man who must revisit his dark past when his daughter is abducted... hold up! What?!

The hits keep on coming, or do they? Tell us how you feel about this one below.

Rage is set to open November 11th


Have we seen this before?


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