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Kit Simpson Browne

Love giant lizards destroying cities? Of course you do - who doesn't?

With the upcoming release of Godzilla, there's been a glut of awesome, metropolitan-area-wrecking monster stuff of late - and it may have now reached a perfect, old school peak. An Everest of Monster geekery, if you will.

Ladies and Gentlemen, I give you: A gigantic pile of brand new Godzilla posters, decked out in the trappings of the old school Toho-style monster pictures.

And they're fantastic.

Honestly, if they don't make you want to don a fifty year old monster costume and stomp around a city, leaving swathes of death and destruction in your wake, then nothing will.

The big question, then, though, is this: Which city? Let me know what you guys think below!


If you were Godzilla, which Major Metropolitan Area would you destroy?



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