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Will Wharton

Scarlett Johansson has been teasing us for years. If she's not flaunting her incredible badassness she's flaunting her incredible... well you know what I'm getting at right?

In anticipation of the day Scarlett Johansson finally shows us EVERYTHING she's got, lets look back on the moments she didn't even need to be a hungry alien to tempt us so cruelly: 12 times Scarlett ALMOST got naked:

1) Lost in Translation opening shot:

She's practically fully clothed, but then those ever-so-slightly, see-through panties are juuuust enough to make us immediately beg for more.

2) We enjoy the view in A Good Woman:

The angle is appreciated.

3) She starts to undress in Iron Man 2:

Not pictured: Undressing.
Not pictured: Undressing.

...and we can't blame the driver for peeping.

4) A little more peek-a-boo in The Perfect Score:


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