ByJulian Denton, writer at
Julian Denton

The other day I saw a ranking of the best Spider-man movies. This is what they said:

(1.) Spider-man

(2.) Spider-man 2

(3.) The amazing spider-man 2

(4.) Spider-man 3

(5.) The amazing spider-man.

In my opinion this is total B***S*** it should have been ranked like this

(1.) The amazing spider-man 2

(2.) The amazing spider-man

(3.) Spider-man

(4.) Spider-man 3

(5.) Spider-man 2.

I have no idea what you guys think but the The Amazing Spiderman franchise is the best thing that has happened to Spiderman in years. They have brought villains to the screen that fans said could not be done but they did it, and if you have not seen The Amazing Spiderman 2 I highly recommend you do. If you do not agree with my ranking tell me you opinion!


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