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I don't know about you but I'm already having some withdrawal symptoms from lack of HIMYM. Will we be getting a reunion one day? I sure hope so. I am one of the few fans who actually loved the season finale! How I Met Your Mother was always more realistic than other sitcoms, and it showed while life is not perfect, as long as you have your friends you can make it through anything. Here are some things I'd love to see from a ten year anniversary episode.

A flashback to the MacLaren days

Have one of the gang's old adventures that Ted forgot be the premise of the episode. Have it called "Remember That Time!" In ten years the actors who play the gang may be too old, and also the actors who played Ted's kids are the perfect age now where they could be in the episode. In other words get recording! (and then save it for almost ten years like the season finale scene)

Finally figuring out the pineapple incident

This one still keeps me up at night. WHAT ABOUT THE PINEAPPLE! Maybe this could be explained by Ted and Robin awkwardly hiding from the 2040 Trudy behind a stack of pineapples when she spots them, then tells Ted and Robin the story of how her and Ted did the same thing 20 years ago when they were hiding from Robin and her billionaire (100 millionaire stop rounding up!) boyfriend... And Robin never knew! Or maybe it was just a one handed man and Amelia Earhart.

Barney as an overprotective yet awesome dad

We only got a quick glimpse of Barney with his daughter and I'd love to see how lengen-daddy he really is! I'd also like to see that he finally did decide to settle down with the first woman that made him want to settle down: Nora! I mean he can't be chasing women when he's like 80 right?

A reference to Star Wars Episodes VII, VII, IX

We all know that they will be making three more Star Wars movies and that Barney, Marshall, and especially Ted are Star Wars fanatics! Maybe if the movies are good they have two trilogy times. And what if they are bad? Who knows but the jokes would definitely be hilarious!

A trip to Tracy's grave

Give us a reminder of why we watched the show in the first place. We watched every episode for nine seasons in hope to get more clues about the mystery woman that Ted would finally end up with. We didn't get a glimpse of the grave in the final episode. How about at the very end of the anniversary episode, Ted slips away from the group and heads to the cemetery for one last famous speech about love and leaves flowers at her grave. BOOM! Screen goes black. 'how i met your mother' flashes across. We cry... Again.


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