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Yes, I am the author of the still rather unknown title of Syndicate X a super hero book that I've been trying so hard to get out there. With super heroes becoming such a big thing I think people could get behind Syndicate X. I've had one lucky opportunity to sell one of my books to Jason Faunt (The original Red Ranger) at a comic con. I think the super hero world needed new fresh super heroes. So I rushed making the first book and left it with plenty of mistakes. After catching this I prompted a reading challenge on my YouTube handle SyndicateXbook to try and increase the popularity for Syndicate X in general. I can still only currently move around the realm of free, that being Youtube, Facebook, Twitter, and now even tumblr. I feel like I could redeem the mistakes made in the book with the movie. Even more so my family thinks poorly upon my choices. As if this has set me up to fail. The pain of so much rejection only made me want to succeed more, this is why I'm writing this. This is in hope that now even more people will be able to see Syndicate X in a larger scope.

Some of the charm comes from my cast of heroes. Zeak Dartail which was really just intended to be a bigger and braver version of myself, comes off as the cockiest of heroes believing he can beat any other that comes his way. His lack of intelligence is sometimes outdone by surprising strategy in battle. Unlike many super heroes his love life is already set. This is outdone by over the top sarcasm and in-your face type victory. He takes the time to yuck things up. I'd cast myself for this to be something I find very hard to be. Zeak Dartail is like my opposite in most terms. Though sometimes being reminded that I'm a failure from my family I do feel stupid. He uses physical energy to manipulate other things.

Jessica Dalu is loosely based on my first crush. Since he barley got to talk to her I ended up choosing traits closer to Zeak's liking then my own. She is sarcastic, brave and as much in your face as Zeak is. She loves making bets with him. She jokes about sex a lot as well. Whoever could tolerate Zeak would be a pick for this. She is young and charming as well which does create different scenes. Her powers are water based and slightly ice as well.

Tony Sindas is loosely based on my child hood friend. He wasn't too bright if he decided hanging out with me was cool. I decided being over the top dumb was the only way too go. He breaks the walls of the book and do so in the movie and possible video game. He makes other characters pull out of the world too. His powers are earth based.

Kail Dartail is one of the characters I love writing about. He has suave levels that are off the chart. He can get anyone in the mood. His powers are based on hate (kind of like the Hulk). This transformation comes about at birth and grows as this strange outer presence calls to him. He is called by this evil force and loves it. He falls under it's sexual tension and gives into the full desire. The hate for his brother Xion Dartail grows as his transformation takes over. The new look is lizard based with some human features remaining. His powers also include acid spit. His eyes determine what mood he is in; yellow eyes means he is in hunt mode and can see all his targets. Red eyes is blood lust mode meaning he needs blood at this point. Black eyes means berserk mode, this is both his weakest and yet wildest form. Kail seeks out power and gets it.

Diana Linn, Also known as Zap. The name spoils the power. She also has the power to see the future when kissed, (based on Rogue's power stealing kiss.) She always is setting off an electrical charge. She has a thing for older guys (she is just a kid who get's crushes easily). She is addicted to television and knows every show and every line. She bases her trend off of whatever is on currently.

The last character I'll mention is one the bad guys of the story. His name is Max Rindy. He saw his family die at a young age. And in growing up with powers he still sought out pleasurable company after feeling neglected by his family. He moves to the capital and hides in plain sight as a bar tender. He got his hair-cut in a pink mohawk. His rocker outcast mentality led to the capital being swept up in a new trend it wasn't familiar too yet. His later caught and outruns the dangers that come his way leading him to have a problem with authority and the capital as a whole. He is swept up by emotion and creates new memories that only make things worse for his hatred.

There are plenty of more characters in Syndicate X. I'd want to make some clear changes from the book being somewhat disappointed in it myself. I'd be shocked if I got a chance to show my characters in some other popular form like those epic rap battles. Or a chance to be on the super hero beat down. I think my favorite is if my heroes could make a cameo in an upcoming super hero movie or game, this would be the greatest honor and privilege. To have this work out and for Syndicate X to become a movie and video game would make me actually cry tears of freedom. I tried to even create a slogan to further Syndicate X's theme, it being: They are not the heroes they deserved, They are not the heroes they needed, They are the heroes they're stuck with. Sadly I still even rushed Syndicate X: 2. And even started a working title Syndicate X 3: When shit hits the fan. (Again it's a working title). I'd be with content with just the first one making some sort of headlines. My goal for the movie was to hire others that are currently struggling to help out the economy. I would continue to pursue this goal outreaching to more and more people along the way. This would mean fresh new faces in the movie industry as well. Of course this is just still a pipe dream. Maybe one day this pilot will take off.


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