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Fresh on the heels of the debut of Amazing Spider-man 2 the noise is already building not only for the third installment of the new trilogy and beyond, but for inclusion of more and more of the spidey 'universe' in the SONY cinematic universe. caught up with the producers of the current hit, Avi Arad and Matt Tolmach, about the future of the franchise and what to expect.

"The human heroes in the Spider-Man universe… the supervillains, some of them become on the cusp [between hero and villain]," Arad told /Film. "They’re not really villains. Like Venom. Like him, there are others that, if you take the earlier reincarnation, they’re good guys. Something happened, and they consider it an injustice so it caused a mutation, they’re angry at Spider-Man. So it’s wide open. There are a lot of women in the universe, some of them very very interesting for how will they interact with Peter Parker and Spider-Man. We are just touching the tip of the iceberg."

About specifics of direction, Tolmach responded;

"You think about it in larger arcs. The day-to-day specifics, a lot of those get worked out when the guys are sitting and actually writing. But in terms of where a character’s going, who’s going to be in the movies, bigger decisions like that, there’s a lot of mapping out that goes on way ahead of time. You know, if you see the end of our movie, we’re sending you a pretty good signal about what you might expect."

Arvid, about the depth of the Spidey Universe:

"It’s so rich, so many characters, so many villains, so many scenes we didn’t discuss here about Spider-Man. So it gives you tremendous freedom to say, ‘Wait a second, we’re going to talk about him, we should also use you.’ Then all of a sudden it becomes a more interesting community, if you will."

Interesting isn't even sufficient to paint a proper picture of what we may be in store for!


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