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[Bad Words](movie:717649) is the directorial debut of comedy star Jason Bateman who surprisingly does a great job in the directors chair. Jason Bateman is one of my favorite comedy stars, with movies like Horrible Bosses, The Switch and Hancock and he always plays the straight man in comedy but he can be really funny without being stupid or wacky. And he nails the comedy in this movie, this movie is really funny. My favorite performance of his was in this little comedy called The Switch where I thought he was great at the comedy but also gave a good emotional side to his character.

Jason Bateman is one of those actors, he may have a few misses when it comes to comedy but when he hits it, he hits it hard, and this is no exception, he is hilarious in this movie.

Bateman plays a 40 year old guy who never graduated the 8th Grade but he is ridiculously smart. For some unknown reason he enters a spelling bee competition where he is going up against 10 year old kids in spelling bees across America because he wants to get to one particular spelling bee that airs on television. Now Bateman isn't just doing this because he can, he has a very personal reason that you don't find out until towards the ending of the movie that was actually quite touching.

Bateman plays Guy Trilby and he is not a nice guy, he insults people all the time, he doesn't care about anybody else and he is not a likable character at all, that is until you find out why he is doing what he's doing. But even though he isn't a nice character, I was still rooting for him to win the big spelling bee competition.

A lot of the stuff Guy says is just so unexpected and offensive that its absolutely hilarious, I found my self cracking up a lot during this film. Like I said, his character isn't nice at all, but he's so witty and funny that you can't help but like him and his whole plan is so well thought out that I was impressed by his character. I think all of that is because of Bateman's performance, he is really good in this movie, this is probably my favorite performance of his to date. He does a really good job directing the film as well.

Guy develops a friendship with a 10 year old Indian child and to see their back and forth with each other was absolutely hilarious. There's a montage scene where Guy is taking this kid across the town and they're getting up to a whole lot of stuff, and it was absolutely hilarious.

Katherine Hahn plays a reporter that is documenting Guy's journey and she was really good in the movie, I usually get annoyed by her over the top performances in movies but she was very subdued here and that was nice to see. Her and Guy have a very odd relationship with each other that was pretty funny.

The movie is very likely to offend some people, but I found it absolutely hilarious and I loved every minute of it. It's quite a short movie, only around 90 minutes long and it flies by. I definitely recommend Bad Words, its a touching but hilarious little film that might offend but if you're not easily offended then definitely check it out. This is one that has really gone under the radar for a lot of people, but if you get a chance to see it, I recommend checking it out. The movie is certainly not for everyone but it pleasantly surprised me, I'm going to give Bad Words a B+!

Movie Review: Bad Words.

Directed By: Jason Bateman. Starring: Jason Bateman, Katherine Hahn, Allison Janney and Phillip Baker Hall.


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