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I've looked into the roles already cast and thought along the lines of the JLA: Tower of Babel Graphic Novel and Justice League: Doom Animated Movie loosely based on that book. I've come up with two feasible plots for [Batman vs. Superman](movie:711870) that could possibly lead into a live action [Justice League](movie:401267) movie.

Here are the plots:

They would both start the same way - with Alfred Pennysworth and Bruce Wayne watching the footage of Superman's fight with Zod on TV at the end of Man of Steel and Bruce saying he needs to check into the Combatants backgrounds and see which of them (if either) is good and how to stop them from hurting innocents.

We would then go to a shot of Martha Kent watching the same footage with a worried look on her face since she knows how powerful Superman and Zod are due to the events in Man of Steel.

Then on to a shot of Diana Prince in the Pentagon (if they use that as her cover in this Universe) also watching the same footage and wondering if these Combatants could be two of the "Gods" that her mother would tell her about growing up in Themyscira and also which of them was good.

Of course, the next shot would be Lex Luthor also watching this fight with interest as he would want to see if there is any way for him to gain, not only from the battle itself (which is a given since both Smallville and Metropolis will both need extensive construction work done), but also from the combatants and whatever tech or powers they have in their possession.

Finally, We would cut to the present day in the movie (later in the evening of the battle or up to a week later) with Perry White calling Lois Lane and asking her if she has any news on the aftermath of the battle or the battle itself and if she ever got in touch with Clark Kent since he would have been in Smallville with his Mom when the Battle happened (allegedly).

That would introduce/re-introduce most of the Actors who have been cast in a known role with the exception of Victor Stone who could possibly be seen getting hurt in the beginning of the film and being turned into Cyborg as the film progressed by Lexcorp as a way to fight threats similar to Superman and Zod Publicly (but really as an Assassin that would take care of Lex's Corporate Competitor's like Bruce Wayne and Wayne Industries). Then the only actor's who would be left to be introduced wouldn't have had their part revealed yet.

*These are whom I think the remaining actors will play in the movie, though I may be wrong*

First off, I think that Holly Hunter is going to play Diana Prince's "Mother", Queen Hippolyta. I say this because of the age difference between her and Gal Gadot and her resemblance to the Queen. If that is the case she would be introduced in the above flashback sequence of Diana Prince.

Next, I think that Tao Okamoto is probably going to play Talia al Ghul. I am leaning toward Talia over her half sister, Nyssa Raatko, because Talia is a love interest of Batman and the mother of his son, Damian, who later becomes Robin. also, because Nyssa is on Arrow already recasting her might confuse some people. If she is playing Talia it would be a great way to introduce a new robin into the Cinematic Universe.

Finally we come to the last Actor with an as yet undisclosed role and that is Callan Mulvey. Now this one is interesting to me because he has the looks and build (not to mention acting ability) to play hero or villain. Therefore I believe he is either going to play Lobo and be a major villain in the movie or he is going to play Arthur Curry AKA Aquaman and add to the hero count (and possible Justice League Roster).

On with the Movie Plot- after the above plot points are revealed I think that one of two things will happen as far as the plot goes:

1. Bruce Wayne and Lex Luthor will initially work together and find out about Kryptonite, which Batman will use to beat Superman at first turning him over to Lex Luthor. Then with the help of Wonder Woman, Cyborg, and Aquaman, Batman will help rescue him after they discover Lex's true intentions for Superman.

2. They will have Bruce and Lex as Competitor's for the contracts to rebuild Metropolis and Smallville with Talia keeping tabs on Bruce for Lex at her father's behest (Ra's wouldn't have to be seen- a simple note, phone call, or text would do) and Lobo could show up on earth looking for Superman in order to get a bounty and disturb the Oceans to the point that Aquaman would have to come after him. Then Cyborg and Wonder Woman could come in to help with the final battle.

There you have them folks, my two possible plots for Superman vs Batman and the possible roles that the actors who haven't had their role confirmed may be playing. As always comment below and follow me on [email protected]seigars if you wish.


Given the choice would you rather have Callan Mulvey play Lobo or Aquaman in Batman vs Superman?


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