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Remy LeBeau. The Ragin' Cajun. Gambit. He's one of Marvel's most famous anti-heroes . And he'll be making his big screen debut soon in X-Men: Apocalypse. And yes, he's going to be portrayed by Channing Tatum. But with the release of X-Men: Days of Future Past happening today, I'm going to give you all an X-Men special on Gambit. And because he's one of my most favorite superheroes, I think that he deserves some justice before everyone starts whining about his new face. Here I'll give his history, his abilities, why Tatum can do the role perfectly, and what Gambit could bring to the X-Men. Now let's begin.

The Thief

A thief to the world, but a hero to the X-Men.
A thief to the world, but a hero to the X-Men.

At birth, Remy LeBeau was taken the New Orleans Thieves’ Guild. They believed that he was the child predicted to build the bridge between the Thieves’s Guilds and their foes, the Assassins’ Guild. The Guild raised him since then and taught him in the ways of thievery. As Remy grew up, a marriage was arranged between him and Bella Donna Boudreaux, granddaughter of the Assassins’ Guild leader. But it was short-lived when her brother objected the marriage and dueled Remy, resulting in the brother’s death and Remy’s banishment from both guilds.

While traveling the world, Remy encountered Sinister, who was able to reduce his power levels and allow Remy to control his abilities. To repay him, Remy joined the Marauders until he realized that they were going to massacre the mutant community known as the Morlocks. He left the Marauders, but only after he saved the Morlock who would become Marrow.

After, he encountered Storm and helped her escape the psionic entity known as the Shadow King. Storm then was able to convince the X-Men to take in Remy because of her debt to him. Soon after, Remy fell in love with Rogue, even though they would never be able to touch. Although their relationship ended and Rogue left the X-Men when she kissed Remy and discovered his involvement with the Morlock Massacre.

While away from the X-Men, Gambit ran into a man called the New Sun, who revealed that he was really an alternate version of Gambit. In New Sun’s reality, his powers had gone out of control, resulting in total destruction of the world. To make sure that this would never happen again, he went on a mission to kill all versions of himself and prevent the same thing from happening anywhere else. But Gambit defeated him by burning out his maximum power and disintegrating New Sun.

Once, when Apocalypse was yet again on his quest for power, Gambit joined him as a horseman, and transformed into Death. He did this thinking that Apocalypse had the power to save mutants, and that he could beat Apocalypse should he betray him. But when Gambit attacked Rogue and many other members of the X-Men as Death, the Avengers arrived to stop the Horsemen. This resulted in Apocalypse's supposed death, but most of the Horsemen to survive and join Sinister's Marauders. Sinister was able to bring Gambit back, who then left the Marauders when Mystique killed Sinister.

Gambit has a very interesting character, great relationships, and stories that can fit perfectly into the X-Men franchise. His relationship with Apocalypse in the comics can even help him fit into X-Men: Apocalypse nicely. But most of all, it'll be his powers that will make him stand out from the other X-Men.

A One-In-A-Million Mutant

He's got 52 grenades. And they're cards.
He's got 52 grenades. And they're cards.

Gambit has the ability to sense the potential energy stored in all objects, and ‘charge’ it into pure kinetic energy, causing the energy to explode. But the bigger the object, the more time it will take to charge, and the more time Remy needs to recharge. This is why he normally uses playing cards as one of his weapons of choice, as he can store at least 52 of them in his pocket, they don’t take long at all to charge, and they’re as powerful as grenades.

This ability, molecular acceleration, actually gifts him with superhuman agility and dexterity, which gave him the advantage he needed for the unique acrobatic fighting style that he developed.

Also, as a result of charging potential energy, there's a sort of static shield surrounding him that protects him from intrusions from even the most powerful telepath.

When Gambit took the form of Death, he had the ability of Toxic Transmutation. This meant that he could convert inanimate substances into toxic substances. Like turning the air into poison gas. Another ability he had as Death was to corrupt other living beings and bring them under his will.

Gambit may seem like explosions are his one and only weapon, but there'll always be a few tricks up his sleeve. Tricks that could prove to be a useful addition to the X-Men.

Gambit's Return to the X-Men

What will Gambit bring to the X-Men Saga?
What will Gambit bring to the X-Men Saga?

Ever since I saw X-Men Origins: Wolverine, I was waiting to see more of Gambit. And recently the greatest news came that Channing Tatum is going to play him. Now, don't get me wrong, Taylor Kitsch made a good Gambit. But I think that Tatum has proved that he can be what Gambit has to be. Gambit has to be witty, funny enough that it's annoying at times, charming and above all else, he's got to be a ladies-man, even if he fails at it. But he also has to be the guy who would normally think for himself, but is willing to sacrifice to save others. I don't know about you, but I think that Tatum can fit all of those characteristics nicely into Gambit. But enough said about that. Let's talk about what Gambit could bring to the X-Men franchise.

With bringing Gambit to the movies, there's no telling where this could go. For one, Gambit could start a new character journey with Rogue. Because, let's be honest, she really doesn't need someone like Iceman right now. Iceman hasn't been able to help her accept who she was. She had to get rid of her own powers just to be with him. Rogue needs someone who can accept her for who she is, and can live without ever being able to touch her. And Gambit is going to need someone who can always be there for him and can accept the bad things that he has done with the good person he is now. That's what Rogue and Gambit could mean for each other in future movies.

Another aspect that would be a great addition to X-Men from Gambit would be the Thieves' Guilds. One thing makes the Marvel Universe so great is that all these characters they introduce have the potential to bring in all new teams and settings that can expand the Universe. This is what Gambit could do for the X-Men saga. Bringing the Thieves' Guild could not only provide Gambit the backstory he deserves from the comics, but it could also provide an anti-hero team that X-Men can both work with and against in future movies.

With the fact that Gambit will make his theatrical debut in X-Men: Apocalypse, he's going to need a way to fit into that storyline. But of course, that works perfectly with his comic debut as one of the Four Horsemen. This would be the perfect way for Gambit to begin his story in the X-Men franchise. In the comics, Gambit was one of those characters that had a past full of darkness and evil, but he was redeemed by the X-Men and Rogue. If the X-Men first see him as Death, then he will be despised and even fought by the X-Men. But perhaps he could do something to stop Apocalypse, and this could convince one of the X-Men (Rogue, maybe?) that he's a good person at heart, and get him to join the X-Men. That's the kind of Gambit I would pay to see!

You see, Gambit has so much history and so much of a great storyline and character that he can revolutionize the X-Men saga entirely. He could bring in a new tide of X-Men characters, villains, and maybe even widen the scope of the movies. Who knows! He may even take over for Wolverine one day. Only time will tell.

X-Men: Apocalypse hits theaters on May 27, 2016


What do you want to see from the return of Gambit?

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