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Sydney Quarles

I'm sorry to say it, folks... but we've still got 5 1/2 months until The Walking Dead returns to AMC. A very loooonnnngggg 5 1/2 months if you're a superfan like some of us. Knowing this, I've compiled a list of 5 ways you can pass at least a few days of this excruciatingly loooonnnngggg break.

  • Watch old episodes on Netflix! (you'd be surprised how many characters & great moments you've forgotten).
  • Watch "A Bad Lip Reading of The Walking Dead" on YouTube. Funniest video you'll watch today, guaranteed. Video below.
  • Watch parodies & raps/songs on YouTube. Fans make amazing things.
  • Read The Walking Dead wiki site. Read up on everything TWD!!
  • Read Walking Dead posts on Moviepilot!! (That's how I pass the time. Try my favorite contributor, Matt Carter).
  • Re-watch Lori's death and giggle evilly. (this one's just for me.)

Good luck to you all!!


Which character do you miss the most??


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