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Every franchise has it's 'black sheep,' meaning the film that was absolutely terrible, but part of the franchise nonetheless. So here is my list of the Top 10 awful films in brilliant franchises. Tell me what you think!

#10 - Creepshow 3 - This movie was mediocre (and that's being kind) , and definitely the worst of the franchise.

#9 - Jason Goes To Hell - Now I was actually angry watching this movie, as it was just such a stupid waste of time! The acting, story line, theme and ending were all awful. When I first starting watching this, I thought the beginning was just a joke - like a movie being filmed within the film, but no it was actually the real thing. What I was wondering is why is Jason making all that noise?? Everything about this movie sucked, and I will not be watching it ever again! I mean, possessing people by getting them to eat his heart? Are you serious?

#8 - A Nightmare On Elm Street (2010) - Now, as a movie on it's on own it wasn't actually too bad. I could go as far as saying I enjoyed it. The only problem here, is that it was meant to be a respectful remake of the 1984 classic, which it.... wasn't.

#7 Halloween 3. This. Was. Awful! Seriously one of the most boring movies I have ever seen, and such a disappointment after the previous two awesome films! I'm glad they got back on track in the 4th movie, bringing Michael back.

Now some of you may disagree and say that it is a decent stand alone movie, had it just been called ' Season Of The Witch ' and had it not been associated with the Halloween franchise. I guess we'll have to agree to disagree?

  Rob Zombie's Halloween 2 ( 2009 )
Rob Zombie's Halloween 2 ( 2009 )

I had to toss up between Rob Zombie's Halloween 2 and the original Halloween 3 for this franchises black sheep, but I've decided that Halloween 3 will take the title. I say this because although Zombie's Halloween 2 was a complete and utter disgrace to the original, it was well filmed, incredibly brutal and entertaining to watch.

#6 - Curse Of Chucky - The CGI, it burns! Granted a lot of people really enjoyed this movie due to it going back to it's scarier original roots, but not me! The majority of people would say that the movie's prequel Seed of Chucky is the worst of the series, but I think it is given far too much hate. Sure, it's certainly not the best of the franchise and it's not scary, more of a stupid movie - but it's a fun watch.

What I hated most about Curse (call me old fashioned if you will) is the lack of animatronics and the badly used CGI, which accompanies the bad acting nicely. The fact that Chucky looks like a girl in most of the advertising material, put me off watching the movie for at least 3 months after it's initial release!

Probably the one and only thing I actually liked about this movie was the little after credits scene, setting the movie up for a definite sequel. Did you know, Andy Barclay is played by the same actor (Alex Vincent) who played the role in Child's Play 1 and 2?

#5 - Hellraiser Revelations - Where do I even begin with this one? It was bad, bad, bad! Scoring a measly 2.8/10 stars on IMDB, even the makeup in the original 1987 movie was better than in this modern 2011 flick! Doug Bradley was asked to return as the lead role, but after reading the script, said 'no way in hell.'

Now even though this movie was absolutely awful, no Hellraiser movie after part 4 is worth watching as far as I'm concerned, especially Hellworld.

Did you know, advertisements for Revelations had claimed that it came 'From the mind of Clive Barker' to which he responded with a profanity ridden message on his Twitter feed!

#4 - Jaws The Revenge - Also scoring 2.8/10 stars on IMDB, it is definitely the worst of the series! The ridiculous concept: A shark, apparently annoyed that the Brody family has killed three giant man eating sharks in the past three movies, somehow tracks down old widow Brody from the northeastern US all the way to the Bahamas. In one scene, the shark rises onto it's tail like a dolphin and ROARS.

#3 - The Lost Boys: The Tribe - The classic 1987 The Lost Boys is a movie which didn't need sequels. Ever. Especially not sequels made over 20 years after the original film, with only one member from the original cast. Enough said.

#2 - Leprechaun In Space - This is one of those 'why does it even exist' movies. As I said before, horror movies based in space are bad news. Space Marines encounter a leprechaun who’s kidnapped an alien princess. Then there’s something about a mad scientist, and a whole lot of people blowing each other up. I mean really?

#1 - Texas Chainsaw 3D - Definitely the worst of the series! They set the movie in 2012, 39 years after the original. The only character that aged was the Sheriff. The main character was a baby in 1973 but is miraculously only about 22 or 23 in 2012 (which they clearly display on a grave stone, 2012). So all in all, a complete failure!

What do you think is the worst movie in these successful franchises?

Tell me in the comments below!

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