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A big part of the superhero movie craze is how we get to see these heroes having physical altercations with either henchmen and/or the main baddie.

This is my personal favorite list on my favorite fight scenes from superhero movies.

5. The Comedian vs. Ozymandias - Watchmen (2009)

I watched Watchmen the day it was released and, while a great movie, was confused at some parts, within the week I bought the graphic novel and was amazed at how Zack Snyder managed to make the film so close to the source material. Legendary.

This particular fight scene stuck out the most due to it being so gritty and bloody and really setting the tone for the rest of the movie. The fight coordination, the mixture between the Comedian and Ozymandias' fighting styles, mixed with the over-the-top breaking of fixtures and flooring all ending up with someone getting thrown out of a window of a very tall building to his death. Sets up the tone, story, and the rest of the movie with a bang.

4. Spider Man vs. Green Goblin Final Fight Scene - Spider-Man (2002)

I'm going to attempt to avoid any Raimi vs. Webb and Maguire vs. Garfield arguments because that is another article. In the Orignial Sam Raimi Spider-Man films, the 1st one to be more specific was the 1st movie to introduce me to superhero films. The final fight between Green Goblin and Spider-Man is one of my all-time favorites.

1. The timing of the fight: The movie itself stuck to a tone that was consistent with the rest of the movie but for some reason, the second Green Goblin took Spidey off of the bridge while holding the tram car full of children and also Mary Jane, and threw him into the abonded building, the WHOLE movie did a 180 (in a good way). The scene had such a raw feeling to it that felt like someone turned the dial from PG-13 to R without Raimi's approval. It was bloody, spit was flying, Spidey got a pumpkin bomb to the face, his mask is damn near off to where Norman could've realized it was Peter. They went AT IT!. The final part of the scene where Norman slyly calls his glider to kill Peter was so great and the backfiring only made it better. Perfect way to start off Spider-Man 2 and a perfect fight scene for the 1st Spider-Man movie. A classic if you ask me.

3: The Train Scene - Spider-Man 2 (2004)


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