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This is my first post so please be as kind as you possibly can with what i am about to say.

Have you ever considered what would happen if WB and DC actually had all of the movies from the last decade that ended up on the big screen in one universe?

Let's start with the Dark Knight Trilogy and the Green Lantern. Green Lantern came out after The Dark Knight and before The Dark Knight Rises which means that they could have been intended to be the same universe.

Now for Man of Steel, it had Christopher Nolan's realism with Zach Snyder's insane darkness. Unfortunately Snyder is where the movie went wrong. He took 5-8 different versions of Superman and made him darker than the New 52 version alone.

Okay now that my rant is done...If we were to take all of these movies as they stand right now it is possible to make the DCCU work. Now I'm not saying we need to have Christian Bale and Ryan Reynolds to return (honestly I don't want Reynolds back) to their previous roles. I am fine with the characters being portrayed by new actors. Batman vs. Superman could still work if we put only those two heroes into it. Superman needs to get a little more light hearted, Batman just needs a good actor (which Aflek might be though I don't particularly like him) that can play two different people in the same movie with different personalities.

First thing that needs to happen is, Snyder is removed from the Superman franchise and put onto more gritty characters. Second, get Nolan back on the Batman franchise. Third, find a director who is more flexible than Nolan and no where near as hard headed as Snyder for the Justice League movies.

Now for bringing Green Lantern to


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