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For all of those who have grown used to Mary and Francis slow burning love or even Bash's strong decision making and Mary's girls affairs and puppy love stories, Reign's last episode was way off track.

I'm not saying there wasn't a good plot, because there was; the problem wasn't the mysteries and evil twists that usually fill every episode either, or the constant search for the perfect mate they all seem to constantly face. None of these were the problem as much as the excess of it all was.

Talk about pace. Stories unfold, characters develop and grow, backgrounds must be woven and reasons should be explained and all of it takes time. Trying to wrap at least seven story lines in one episode was a great mistake. Huge.

[Spoilers ahead]

I mean, in forty minutes we saw Mary and the Queen become allies for good, deciding to kill King Henry before he damaged France beyond repair going after England with the Duke of Guise. The same Duke who fell into the king's grace for warning him of the plot to kill him. And Henry now is determined his only way out is to kill his first born and marry Mary himself to rule England by her side.

We watched Francis and Mary fall out yet again, this time more seriously than ever though, when he began to realize she's not as submissive and compliant as he wished she were, ruining the lovely moment they shared at the beginning of the episode when he returned home a victor in Calle.

Then there was Bash's pursue of the Darkness, which is supposed to give him some redemption for his pagan origins, where he found a boy who ends up being the son of a man Bash killed himself. Kenna decides to take the boy with her to her new home with Bash, who leaves her to go in search for the so called Darkness once again.

Add to that Lola and her Duke, who goes from rich heir to addict gambler and identity thief and now killer in only three episodes. Lola, on her end, goes from Mary's confidant to Francis's one night stand to the mother of his bastard child to the wife of a Duke, who isn't actually a Duke, and returns to being single (or widowed) in those same three episodes.


Come on!

What's the rush? I mean, seriously?

And here I thought Reign had already been confirmed for a second season! HAS! So why try to close all story lines and wrap up all loose ends in two episodes? I'm sure we would much prefer the cliffhangers for next season than this horse race through all the plots in so short a time. It's not like that was the last episode! There's still one more to go and, for the first time, I'm not looking forward to ti, as I dread it'll be yet another mumble jumble of bad editing and hurried cuts to fit it all in like one of Lady Mary's travel chests.

Dear producers, we've stuck by you and your show from the good though also jumbled pilot through the fantastic and well-paced episodes a whole season. Our numbers made your second season a reality, even with all those never ending breaks. Please, don't make us regret it by telling us everything at once, like you've tired of reading a book to us.

Give us some time to adjust and adapt, to laugh and to cry, to hate and love the characters and your story. Don't just throw it at us like that!

Thank you,

[Reign](series:986509) Fans.


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