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Thought I would do something different and start reviewing the big blockbusters coming out this summer. As you know I’m a huge fan of all things geek but to add a different dimensions to my reviews I’m dragging along my girlfriend (who will introduce herself later) and plan to do his 'n' her style reviews.

Hope you enjoy!

The-Amazing-Spider-Man-2 First up… Mr Batgeek!

Going to watch this movie I didn’t expect much as I thought I’d seen most of the best bits through the hundreds of trailers that had already been released for it. But from the very first scene with Peter’s parents I knew it would be very different from the Spiderman we’ve seen in the past. With a darker and more interesting look into Spiderman’s history, the movie quickly appealed to me.

Andrew Garfield managed a good balance of the light hearted 20 year old with superpowers and the responsibility of a hero with the weight of a city in his web.

Oh Jamie Foxx, how did you go from Django to this? Before he goes all CGI-Electro he tries to play the nerdy unseen scientist (with a worse comb-over than Christian Bale’s ‘Hustle’-look). As Electro it’s hard to say how much is his fault, and what can be blamed on the rest, I’d go with the rest. You don’t sympathize with him nor do you believe how fast he becomes this super-villain.

Don’t really know where to start with how the Green Goblin comes to be, Felt it was a weak creation of the character, Dane DeHaan seems to be a good actor and in the next instalment maybe we’ll get to see that. Paul Giamatti’s Russian criminal is just in the way and only gives a couple of dreadful and laughable scenes. And then there’s the mad German scientist named Kafka… I rest my case.

The only plus point of the movie would be Andrew Garfield and Emma Stone’s Chemistry and their scenes together provide the movie its much needed charm, But there was a moment I was sure I was watching a chick flick... yuck!

Sally Field does good work as Aunt May, and has a fantastic scene with Andrew Garfield. Also, what I like from the movie is that it relates more to the Spider-man comic books, compared to the Spider-man Trilogy (and let’s be honest, the 3rd film was terrible.)

Overall I did like this movie because of the action and in depth back story of his parents. The soundtrack is outstanding, thanks to Hans Zimmer and his band dubbed “The Magnificent Six”, Pharrell Williams, Johnny Marr (The Smiths), Michael Einziger (Incubus), Junkie XL, Andrew Kawczynskiand Steve Mazzaro. I would watch it again. I give it 3 stars out of 5.

Mrs Batgeek

Disclaimer: I haven’t seen The Amazing Spiderman 1

I’d like to qualify this review by saying firstly, I do not have a geeky bone in my body and secondly my favorite genre of movie is the rom-com which I’m not even remotely ashamed of. So you might not think my opinion has much weight or relevance to The Batgeek world. However as the long suffering other half of the Batgeek himself I can provide something that you won’t find in his reviews… the girlfriend factor.

I will impart my wisdom on whether films are date night perfect or best left to the boys with this handy rating system.

5 Stars - She might like it more than you

4 Stars - A winner for both sexes, date night perfect

3 Stars Buy her dinner first

2 Stars - Only if she’s a geek at heart

1 Star - Take the boys instead. You can thank me later :) xoxo

[The Amazing Spider-Man 2](movie:508593) Now, from the female perspective, the biggest draw of a superheropeter-gwen-stacy movie is the hero himself….and more importantly how the hero looks. So I was a bit disappointed that Andrew Garfield, while hot in real life, was a bit weedy and clean shaven in the film. And if I’m completely honest, a bit annoying with all the poor puns. Emma Stone is good tho, and feistier than some female leads are – no damsel in distress nonsense. The best bits of the film are the bits she’s in, and the soundtrack which is very cool. Apart from that I found it a bit long, and hated the ending (without spoiling things, that would have never happened in a chick flick). There is a very cute scene at the end, which redeemed it a bit, and if your date is anything like me, she’ll probably cry giving you the perfect opportunity to comfort her lol.

Rating : buy her dinner first (luckily the Batgeek did!) 3stars


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