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Murmurs have been heard for a while now about the possibility of a Prometheus sequel but up until now little if anything was concrete. Last month we reported that Michael Green was indeed at work on a script and now it seems Michael Fassbender might have just confirmed himself too.

On the press track for X-Men: Days of Future Past, Fassbender sat down with his co-star James McAvoy to discuss the upcoming film but had a question slipped in right at the end which might have just caught him off guard. When asked if he was looking forward to working with Ridley Scott again, he responded:

For sure. I love Ridley. He’s a master filmmaker

Which prompted James McAvoy to turn and ask:

Are you doing a sequel?

Resulting in Fassbender stating:

Yeah, but when I don’t know.

This is perhaps the most solid lead we've had since rumors began a-bubbling back in 2012. although it does throw a spanner in the works for all those other things Ridley Scott apparently has planned.

Scott's Christian Bale starring biblical epic Exodus: God and Kings opens later this year and after that everything points towards that Blade Runner sequel so if Prometheus 2 is indeed to come together we might not see an inch of it before 2016.

Will you be hitting the cineplexes when that day comes? Let us know below.

Oh, and don't forget to hit Collider if you fancy checking out that McAvoy and Fassbender interview.

Exodus: God and Kings open December 12th


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