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Let's be honest, Legendary Pictures doesn't even have to market [Interstellar](movie:813746). "A year from now" was all we needed to hear last year to save up a sick day for the post-premiere call-ins; which should be appropriate recovery time from the royal mind frak no doubt in store. Christopher Nolan is one of the few directors out there whose name alone is enough to sell a movie. His name on the director's chair promises a deep, thought-provoking narrative, great cast, and unique visuals that don't forget to deliver some blockbuster action to boot.

That being the case, it's still nice to know we'll be getting a full theatrical trailer for Interstellar with the wide release of [Godzilla](movie:45291) next week, giving us yet another reason to check out that movie on May 16.

Until then, thanks to Entertainment Weekly (via TheFilmStage), we have some plot details as well as our first official image from the production. It clearly features a giant Matthew McConaughey stealing the Apollo Lunar Module.

One giant leap for my career. Alright, alright!
One giant leap for my career. Alright, alright!

You know if that was the premise, you'd still watch it. Thankfully, the premise instead seems to involve climate change resulting in corn being the last crop viable for growth on the planet; naturally, with years of hard work on the part of Colorado and Washington lobbyists gone to waste, humanity decides it's time to jump in a wormhole and ditch this planet for a new one where we can grow something a little lighter on the starch.

A wormhole made of cocaine...
A wormhole made of cocaine...

In an interview with Interstellar production designer Nathan Crowley, he told EW that Nolan's plan is to touch on:

"Black holes, relativity, gravity, and their effect on time. Ultimately, it's this very human story about a father and a daughter."

The film's producer, Emma Thomas, added:

"The trailer highlights a line of dialogue from the film: 'Mankind was born on Earth; it was never meant to die here.' It emphasizes... making's destiny in the universe."

No insight as to why a diet consisting of popcorn and candy corn would drive mankind to the stars, but I can't wait to see the film and find out! Let me know in the comments below if you're excited to see Interstellar, and tell me what big secrets, reveals and twists you think will be awaiting us this November!

Interstellar releases in the US on November 7, 2014.

Source: EW (via TheFilmStage)


What will the big twist/gimmick be?


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