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Rumors of a feud between Jennifer Lawrence and Kristen Stewart can finally be put to bed, JLaw herself has confirmed that the pair are actually friends. Awwww!

In a recent interview with Marie Clare magazine, Lawrence opened up about being dogged by ridiculous rumors. The lovably quirky actress went on the reveal that her supposed animosity towards KStew was so laughable that the pair shared a good giggle over it. Lawrence told the magazine that;

There was something in a magazine, and I was like, 'Oh, my God, that's hilarious,' because Kristen and I are friends. I actually texted her a picture of it and was like, 'Just so you know, this is absolutely true'

Yesssss! My cynical black heart begrudgingly trembled with glee when I read this. Knowing that my favourite Hollywood leading ladies are authentically gal pals has drenched my day in sunshine!

I can totally imagine these two leafing through the tabloids and having a rumor off text battle. Kristen would obviously win though. The amount of fabricated bull crap fished up about her on a weekly basis would be enough to fill a dumpster...

Here's to the sisterhood, babes!

Are you guys glad that Kristen Stewart and Jennifer Lawrence are chums?


Who would you rather be BFFs with?

(Source: On the Red Carpet via Marie Clare)

(Images: The Daily Mail and KStew France)


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