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Jack's back in 24: Live Another Day only this time he is saving the world on the streets of London.

Following last week's double episode, Fox has released a promo for Episode 3.

Check it out below:

Even with the fast cutting there are a few things that we can tell from the promo.

1. Adrian Cross, played by Michael Wincott (The Three Musketeers), the leader of Chloe's hacking team is back and from the looks of IMDB he will be a regular in this season.

2. Kate Morgan (the blond CIA agent who figured out Jacks plan in Ep 1) seems to have a bit of Bauer in her as she is seen pistol-whipping the leader from the terrorist apartment of Ep 2. No doubt she will be attempting to torture him and be hot on Jack's tail when she gets what she wants.

3. The Russian prostitute/double agent/one who stabbed the hacker in the pub toilet is seen handing the hard drive to Margot Al-Harazi (the rich, posh, British politician-looking woman).

4. Some form of a commotion in what looks to be an embassy building.

5. A possibility that lots of people will die.

6. Jack is 'running out of time'

I'm especially happy to see Michael Wincott - the guy who tried to kill D'Artanyan with the same sword that killed his father 'How pathetic...'. The guy that also had a sword fight with Athos (Keifer Sutherland).

I am left wondering if he's gonna look for Round 2 as the season goes on?

'Save the King!!!' Jack Bauer
'Save the King!!!' Jack Bauer

What have you thought of the season so far?


Is Wincott the Bad Guy?

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