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The hard working folk over at A24 were nice enough to give us that lovely poster yesterday and they continue on that charitable streak today by dropping The Rover's first clip. Pattinson can be seen writhing in some sort of pain as Guy Pearce denounces his belief in god. It's gritty and depraved, as you might have expected, and you can check it out below:

Natasha Braier shot Somers Town for Shane Meadows in 2008 before being second camera on The Milk of Sorrow- winner of the Golden Bear in 2009- but her work here looks from a far dirtier grain.

Pattinson's accent sounds a touch more Mid West than outback but the twitching performance is without doubt against type and looks more than decent overall.

Needless to say we're pumped, but what do you make of Pattinson's turn here? Could be a great move for the actor; let us know in the comments down low.

The Rover opens in Cannes next week with a general release scheduled for the 20th of June

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