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My last idea about a cinematic universe was well received but after watching many animated DC movies, I think that there can be a better lineup for this cinematic universe.

1. The announced movies

We already have 2 films- yet-untitled Man of Steel sequel [Batman vs. Superman](movie:711870) featuring Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, Cyborg, Lex Luthor and even more; then is the justice league movie which should hopefully have the desired cast. But what comes next?

2. Shazam! (2018)

When justice league was announced, DC gave a hint about 9 other movies but only Shazam! fits in the franchise. But, then there is always challenge from superman so I think if they want it to be successful, there should be drastic differences because they have got just same powers. And people already know about the rumours of The Rock playing Black Adam. We should have Peter Jackson as the director. After all, what will he do after Hobbit ends.

3. Batman Reboot (2018)

I personally think that there is no need for another batman reboot but Warner Bros. will never reject the idea. You know, Batman- their ATM. But if it happens, I think DC should not introduce other mainstream superheroes. Sidekicks are just enough. I think after directing 3 DC movies, Zack Snyder should helm this project too. Moreover, Nightwing is wanted and we want Joker back.

4. [Wonder Woman](movie:45787) (2019)

Agree or not, she needs a solo film and this can just be the opportunity she needs. But then, if we see the history of women-centric superhero films, we don't have any great success. We have box office duds like Catwoman and Elektra. This can go well if we introduce a good villain like Cheetah.

5. Man Of Steel: Brainiac's Invasion(2019)

Why do we just criticize him every single time? He needs a good movie with a good villain and Brainiac is what he needs. If they don't have a story, we can always use the Superman: Unbound storyline. It can also lead to Supergirl's debut. Flash can be in a cameo role.

6. Green Lantern Reboot (2019)

Both the movie and the main character, Hal Jordan were so criticized that his popularity graph has gone down so rapidly that it led to a failed toyline, worldwide criticism and a cancelled animated series which was somehow excellent but failed due to the flop movie but Hal Jordan can return with a better reboot which can include John Stewart too.

7. [Aquaman](movie:264237) (2020)

He is one guy who is discriminated for living underwater but a badass aquaman can be better than green lantern with his signature trident. There are even rumors of Matt Damon in talks with Warner Bros. for playing Arthur Curry. The background of Atlantis can be a special treat for fans. Also, use of CGI developed aquatic life can make it a visual miracle.

8. Justice League sequel (2020)

Now they can come with a watchtower and a bigger cast with inclusion of Green Arrow(we want Stephen Amell), Martian Manhunter, Red Tornado and Captain Atom. The possible enemies can be Parallax, Sinestro, A.R.G.U.S., Vandal Savage or Darkseid(I have a feeling that he is not in Man of Steel Sequel).

9. Batman sequel (2020)

Here, we can always use "Under the Red Hood" storyline and we can have deathstroke too.

10. Aquaman/Green Lantern (2021)

A good team up which is never seen before. Black Manta and Vandal Savage team up to destroy Atlantis and now only Aquaman and John Stewart can save the planet.

11. Superman/Shazam!/Wonder Woman (2021)

Muscle power all the way!

12. Justice League: The Flashpoint Paradox (2022)

Nothing much just an even more better universe with the comic based storyline set around Flash and his nemesis, Reverse Flash. You will like this suggestion if you have watched the animated version.

13. Blackest Night (2023)

It can be made and it can be made good. It is my favourite storyline.

14. Justice League IV (2024)

Here is the end but the biggest superhero movie ever with the complete Justice league and about 6-7 supervillains. it is possible if Marvel can make Sinister Six


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