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The Tomb of Dracula is a horror comic book series published by Marvel Comics from April 1972 to August 1979. The 70-issue series featured a group of vampire hunters who fought Count Dracula and other supernatural menaces. On rare occasions, Dracula would work with these vampire hunters against a common threat or battle other supernatural threats on his own, but more often than not, he was the antagonist rather than protagonist. In addition to his supernatural battles in this series, Marvel's Dracula often served as a supervillain to other characters in the Marvel Universe, battling the likes of Blade, Spider-Man, Werewolf by Night, the X-Men, and the licensed Robert E. Howard character Solomon Kane.

It's ironic that we are on the verge of ending the vampire craze considering Marvel Comics has sat on this property for so long. It is a cult classic comic book series from the 1970s made most famous by Marv Wolfman and Gene Colan, but it's better late than never. This could be a phenomenal property for cable tv or Netflix.

So will Marvel "bite" and bring this to the big or small screen, especially since they've reacquired the movie rights to Blade, who debuted in this very series, and could be one of the corner stones for the show thus bringing new life into the Daywalker. Not to mention bringing in such luminaries as Dr. Quincy Harker, Dr Rachel Van Helsing, Frank Drake, Hannibal King, and Taj Nital. And of course featuring the Prince of Darkness, Dracula himself.


Should Marvel bring 'Tomb of Dracula' into the mix?


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