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"A day without laughter is a day wasted." -Charlie Chaplin .
Evan Lee

This may very well be my personal favorite of all the articles I've posted on Moviepilot! So be prepared, because this stuff is AWESOME!

This is the coolest idea I've seen! Tumblr, you guys ROCK! Whoever started this idea, please consider making one with boys, I'd love to see my nephews captured as superheroes! I really, really like this idea and it makes me smile that children are still interested in superheroes, fantasy, warriors and all the endless great stuff they provide! It's not just a boy thing anymore! All it takes is some imagination and a great attitude! These little ladies clearly have both! A huge shout out to BetterSupes on Tumblr for this awesome show of imagination and fun!

Take a peek at the awesome costumes with artist renditions!

I love the fact that their innocence isn't lost nor are they exploited! It's pure, plain ol' good FUN! Yes, I'm saying it, it's refreshing to see young people and NOT old men turned into comic book heroes! It's also great to see comics show the female form without the exaggerated skin and sex appeal.

Waiting with baited breath for them to depict boys/young men - waiting, waiting, waiting! And I am IMPATIENT.

To see more artwork empowering little girls and superheroines alike visit their Tumblr page BetterSupes!


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